The Y2k Aesthetic For Men

The early 2000’s have a special place in my heart. I was just a young kid but I remember clearly the music, the fashion, and the overall culture of that era. It was kind of unmatched in it’s energy. Some of my favorite parts of the y2k era, besides the music has to be the fashion, but really they go hand-in-hand.

Hip-hop was still riding high on the epic era of 90’s rap and our entire culture (in North America at least) was based around this. This was the era of prime 50 cent, Eminem, etc.

Styles such as baggy jean with print, flat-brimmed hats, oversized zip-up hoodies and chunky sneakers ran supreme.

Table of contents

Y2k Outfits

Below are y2k aesthetic outfits, BUT in the year 2022/2023. Although very similar, they’re not exactly the same. I’d say the outfits are 90% there, but of course there is a modern twist to all of them. Mainly the longer hairstyles.

Y2k Clothing Items

If you want to pull off the y2k look, you’re going to need some essential items.

  • Baggy jeans: this is the quintessential item that makes the y2k aesthetic work. Hip-hop inspired baggy jeans, whether you’re wearing plain ones or printed ones, they’re a must have.
  • Oversized hoodie: an oversized hoodie that’s usually a zip up with some cool prints from brands like Bape and Stussy.
  • Belt: classic early 2000’s belts such as a studded belt work great here.
  • Shoes: the obvious one being nike air force 1s, either in white or black.

Y2k Aesthetic Brands

Lucky for us, a lot of classic early 2000’s brands are still rockin to this day and you can easily purchase from them. But there are other newer brands that focus strictly on the aesthetic that you can also check out below.

Y2k Jeans Brands: