How to Dress like an Eboy: Guide & Outfits For The Alt Boy Aesthetic

The gothic cousin of the softboy style, Eboy is a step above emo – it isn’t grunge or uncollected rather sultry and dark, playing on the otherwise suppressed, and undeniably intriguing, femininity of men. E-boy is outwardly alternative but maintains relevance by creating edgy plays on mainstream trends.

A true e-boy is keenly aware of fashion trends but appears nonchalant in their application; they walk the line between subtlety and gaud while blurring that between masculinity and femininity.

That being said, this is a guide for beginners on how to master the eboy / alt boy look.

Table of contents

Eboy Hairstyle

The hair is usually long, covering part of the face. Straight hair is usually rocking a 90s Esque middle part, or swooped over the top to add a fringe effect.

E-boys also incorporate a lot of dyed hair. Neon green, blue and bleached blonde are all very common, with the most popular being jet-black dyed hair.

Eboy Clothing Items

Somewhat sad and somewhat sensitive, e-boys have their own unique aura of attractiveness. If you can picture yourself getting dressed for several thousand TikTok followers while never stepping foot outside your home, dressing like an e-boy might be just right for you. Here’s how:


Must Have: Black Converse Chuck Taylor

It doesn’t matter how old or dirty, just make sure you get your shoes right because they will make or break your outfit! Vans, Converse, and Doc Martens are all staple e-boy kicks.


Must have: Thorn chain

If you’ve been to Hot Topic lately you’ve seen the growing assortment of body chains. Whether it’s a longer chain necklace, barbed wire choker, or pants chain, this goth vibe is a key component of your look.


Must have: Black Big Tee

Oversized merch sweatshirts and t-shirts are the swag at the heart of e-boy style. Metallica, Lil Peep, and Korn sweatshirts are a few popular examples, or just a plain oversized tee.


Must have: Cuffed black jeans

Cuffed black pants are another staple piece. While there is some variety in e-boy pants – skinny, oversized, cargo – wearing a slim cuffed or cropped cut will be the perfect place to start.


Must have: Striped long-sleeve

You’ll need a long sleeve shirt with horizontal black and white stripes to wear by itself or layered under an oversized t-shirt. For vertical stripes, you’ll need a short sleeve collared shirt to wear over a white or black t-shirt or even by itself (keep a few top buttons undone). Got it? You’re almost ready!


Black or iridescent white polish means you’re committed to this lewk. And there’s nothing more attractive than a man who is confident enough to show his femininity!


Go for a neutral black or tan, or a bright pop of color (think Billie Eilish). Every e-boy has at least one beanie to complete his visual aesthetic.


Must have: Oversized jean jacket

This style is often layered so add a jean jacket or a Northface puffer jacket in the winter.

Eboy Outfits

An e-boy’s wardrobe consists primarily of dark pieces, but shouldn’t be entirely monochromatic. Choose outfits that feature black as a clear theme but break up that monochromaticity with black and white patterns, as well as hints of solid, vibrant color. For inspiration on this front, keep an eye on high-fashion.