What To Wear On A Night Out For Men

Have you ever had something planned that’s not casual and you scour your closet and all of a sudden you realize you have absolutely nothing to wear? Whether you’re going to dinner at an upper scale Italian restaurant or are planning to go clubbing, these things require an outfit that’s not your basic t-shirt and jeans.

In this article I’m going to help you guys out with some outfit ideas for when you hit the town. Whether the occasion is going to the club or meeting someone for the first time off a dating app, you’ll find some key takeaways on how to dress in this article.

What to Wear to a Fancy Dinner

When you’re going out to a nice restaurant and want to look sharp and put together, the key here is dressing up in more formal clothes without going all out in a suit and tie (unless the event requires it).

A casual blazer is a key item you’ll want to add to your wardrobe here as it instantly elevates the formality of any outfit, but don’t fall into the jeans and blazer combination – opt for dressier pants or even chinos.

As for footwear, you can go for some high quality loafers, chelsea boots or even a clean crisp pair of white leather sneakers.

What to Wear to the Club

If you’re going clubbing, you want to keep your outfit simple, but stylish. I highly recommending a high quality black tee and pants (be it denim, chinos or otherwise) and some accessories such as a bracelet, rings and a watch for a simple yet chic look.

Some other must haves for your clubbing outfits is a simple button up – be it a white button up or a different color, paired with a pair of chinos it makes you look classy but not overly formal.

What to Wear to a Bar / Lounge

A bar or a lounge such as a shisha lounge are inherently a casual place, so your outfits should reflect that. You can opt for a simple long sleeve such as a Henley and a pair of jeans or chinos or you can dress more streetwear with distressed denim, hoodies and flannels.

Overall, it’s pretty hard to go wrong here, just make sure your outfit is put together with some purpose.

What to Wear on a Night Out When it’s Cold / Winter

Finding outfits to wear when it’s really cold outside can be hard. You don’t want to look supremely unstylish with a huge jacket, snow pants and a toque. But at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice function for fashion – you want to remain warm and comfortable.

These outfits show some examples of what is achievable. A simple overcoat layered on top of a turtleneck or another type of sweater is a super simple yet classy winter going out outfit. For a more casual option, check out the puffer jacket outfits.

What to Wear on a Night out When it’s Hot / Summer

Dressing for the heat can be both super simple and super hard. I mean how hard is it to put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when it’s hot out right? But then you risk looking unstylish and not standing out in the crowd.

Dressing in the heat provides less options because you can’t layer, but you still have plenty of options to look chic, such as button ups, polos, flowy shirts and even some simple streetwear-esque outfits.

What to Wear on a Hinge/Tinder/Bumble Date

So you’ve scored a date on a dating app and want to know what you should wear. Perhaps the date is a simple coffee or grabbing a drink, but you still want to put on a good impression and impress your date with how put together you can be.

You can show up in a simple jeans and t-shirt, but as a general rule, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed – especially when you don’t know where the date will end up.

A polo or quarter zip with a sleek pair of pants will always be an upscale option. A simple t-shirt with an overshirt will elevate any casual outfit. Take these outfits into account when deciding what to wear on your date.