Men’s Summer Fashion – Latest Trends in 2024

Looking good in summer, how hard can it be? Less clothing = less work, right? Wrong.

Seemingly stylish guys in the colder months can panic when the sun comes out, reverting to basic t-shirt-and-short combos and repeating all summer long.

You’re not that guy, though. Check out what’s trending in men’s fashion for 2024 and stay ahead of the game this summer.

Trending Summer Styles for Men in 2024

Keeping it clean

Last season may have had us drabbing it up in formal – and slightly depressing – brown, grey, and navy shades. But now’s the time to warm up with a clean aesthetic.

Designers sent their models down the runway in soft, sandy-toned colors during Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024.

Follow suit: clean neutrals look good on pretty much everyone and help keep you cool in hot weather.

Safari style

Get in the Jeep, we’re going on Safari. Channel your inner Nigel Thornberry but make it fashion. Don a khaki shirt with front pockets and pair it with matching slacks and leather sandals for a slick summer look.

All black summer

Wearing all black everything is still a look for this summer. And it’s easy, too. Play around with it, investing in statement pieces like a crocheted or pleated V-neck tank top, if you’re brave enough.

Linen suits

You can’t go wrong with a well-made linen suit in the sun. Luckily for you, they’re one of the most popular fits for summer 2024. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of natural color, like burnt orange.

Avoid wearing a basic white T-shirt with it. Instead, color match your suit, or go for a cotton/linen white shirt – collared or collarless.

Quiet gorpcore

If 2017’s gorpcore and the quiet luxury style had a baby, it would be quiet gorpcore.

‘Gorp’ is an acronym for ‘good ol’ raisins and peanuts’ – popular ingredients hikers and outdoorsy folk put into their trail mixes. Inspired by this, gorpcore clothing consists of cargo pants, puffer jackets, hiking boots and waterproof jackets. Brands like Patagonia and Arc’teryx are king.

For summer 2024, a more refined and subtle ‘quiet gorpcore’ is making an appearance. Think subdued hues and a focus on product quality and sustainability, as well as how well an outfit can transition from outside to inside environments.

Look out for tech cargo shorts, lightweight gilets, liner jackets, and stompy hiker boots, like Timberlands.

What’s On Top?

Oversized button-down linen shirts

Try, but not too hard, with an oversized button-down linen shirt. Get that European look with classic shades like eggshell, white, beige, and light yellow. You can wear them with matching linen trousers or shorts. Go for a smart buttoned-up look or chill buttoned-down vibe with a white t-shirt.


Patterned Cuban collar shirts

If you want to pull off a bold pattern, the Cuban collar shirt is your pal – and summer’s the time to try it. Keep the rest of your outfit understated, like shorts or trousers in neutral colors and simple footwear.


Classic OCBDs

The Oxford cloth button downs are the OG of summer shirts for a reason: they never go out of style. Invest now and you’ll be whipping your striped blue and white OCBD out for years to come, just make sure you choose high-quality brands.


Crochet tops

Hear us out on this one… Crochet isn’t just for the girlies. Crochet vests, t-shirts, and shirts are trending for this summer and they’re beyond comfy. Pair neutral-colored knits with linen shorts or pants for unbothered Woodstock 2024 vibes.


Polo shirts

A man should always have a few polo shirts in the closet. Elevate basic fits with vintage or knitted polos. Wool in summer? Yep, you heard right. Natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen are best in the summer as they help keep you feeling cool.



Not a Ralph Lauren kinda guy? Tap into other popular sport-core fashion this summer with rugby shirts, tennis whites, and golf polo shirts.

Trending Summer Pants and Shorts

Swimming shorts

Resort CoClassic Swim Shorts Black

You need high quality swim shorts this summer, and no brand does men’s swim shorts better than Resort Co. Check out their swimming shorts line before you hit the pool.

Linen shorts & pants

What is summer without a bit of linen? This material has tiny holes all over it that circulate air and help stop us from getting smelly. White is a must-have but do explore other neutral shades.

Drawstring shorts & pants

Slouchy but in a good way, drawstring shorts and pants are a total vibe for this summer. Experiment with different fabrics from pique cotton to terrycloth and pair them with polo shirts and t-shirts.


Mid-length cotton shorts

You can’t go wrong with a few good pairs of mid-length cotton shorts. Classic cuts and comfort meet, creating shorts that you can wear to casual drinks that can also withstand an impromptu game of soccer in the park.



Also known as Bermuda shorts, Jorts are the sort of knee-grazing jean shorts you’d traditionally associate with a middle-aged man cracking dad jokes and cans of beer. But you’ve got to get that image out of your head, they’re cool now – for Gen Z and below, that is.


What About Footwear?


It’s time to give basic white leather sneakers a rest. Step it up with some high-quality leather loafers this summer.


Boat shoes

Boat shoe love never dies – just give them the respect they deserve by going sockless or wearing white or pastel crew socks. Invisible socks are officially banned.


Sensible sandals

Comfy sandals are in this summer; think leather Birkenstocks and Suicokes. Root around in your dad’s closet and you might find some for free.


To Top It All Off…

Accessorize your fits with orange (not blackout) sunglasses, colorful Ralph Lauren caps, and Panama hats.

Now, go out there, experiment with these trends, and embrace the summer vibes – it’s so much easier to have fun and enjoy the sun when you look fresh.