8 Shoes That Add Height And Make You Look Taller

Last updated: October 31, 2022

Let’s face it fellas, we live in one of the most shallow times in human history, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and every bit of extra can help you, whether it’s in the professional world or the dating world, studies after studies show people really care about height, whether consciously or unconsciously.

So you want to add a bit of height, or the perception of being taller by picking shoes that look like everyday regular shoes that anyone else would be wearing.

You also want to take context into account, for example if you’re loving the extra 2-3 inches you get from a pair of leather work boots, maybe don’t wear them in the blistering summer heat. Different shoes for different occassions!

With that said, I’ve picked out 8 different shoes here that you can wear that both look great, and have the benefit of a thicker than average sole.

Top 8 Height Boosting Shoes

  1. Nike Air Max
  2. Oliver Cabell High Tops
  3. Doc Martens Boots
  4. Nike Air Force 1s
  5. Amazon Elevator Shoes
  6. Air Jordan 4s
  7. New Balance 990s
  8. Adidas Ultra Boost
  9. Bonus tip: height increasing insoles

That’s the list, so now let’s go 1 by 1 and see why every shoe listed works, and what context/occasion they work in.

Nike Air Max

This is a classic vintage Nike shoe that is both fashionable and can be used for athletic purposes. These are best worn in a casual setting, and avoid pairing them with a standard pair of straight blue jeans, they work best with something tapered. The added height from these shoes is a solid 1.5-1.75 inches.

Oliver Cabell – Jabbar High

The Oliver Cabell high top shoes have a pretty standard sole that will give you about an inch of height, but that’s not why we’re recommending them. These are the perfect shoes to pair with a pair of height increasing insoles. They’re high quality high tops made with italian calf leather – this makes them malleable and comfortable when wearing any type of insole.

They’re also stylish and in a great silhouette, so you can wear these as a casual shoe or as a more formal shoe because of the leather and the minimalist style. Overall if you’re going to wear a pair of insoles, we highly recommend these high tops.

Doc Martens Boots

The Doc Martens boots have been a staple boot for many people for decades. The sturdiness and quality craftsmen ship is it’s big selling point. But there is another – the extra 2-3 inches of sole it provides. While a great boot, especially for fall and winter, they can be a bit hard to style, which is why we have an article article on how to style Doc Martens.

Nike Air Force 1s

If you head outside right now, and look at what the average person is wearing on their feet, you’ll see a whole lot of AF1s. They’re a clean and crispy white sneaker that go great with pretty much everything. They have a super thick sole that provides a 1.25-1.50 inches of height which is an awesome benefit.

Amazon Elevator Shoes

There exists specially made shoes that look like completely regular sneakers but they’re built with a little platform inside that gives you a few inches of extra height. If you really want to look taller these are an excellent choice and no one will ever know the difference.

Air Jordan 4s

To be honest with you, pretty much any style of Air Jordans are a great shoe both in terms of style and added height, but I like the silhouette and look of the Air Jordan 4s the best. It’s why we have an entire article on how to style Jordan 4s.

New Balance 990s

The New Balance 990s are somewhat similar to the Air Maxes we listed earlier, but they do have the benefit of being New Balances, which are a lot comfier and sturdier for those with a wider foot. Don’t ignore the New Balance wave! They’re quickly becoming an iconic fashion staple in their own right.

Adidas Ultra Boost

I have quite the soft spot for these sneakers, and not just because they’re the softest and comfiest sneakers I’ve ever worn. If you’re looking for a height boosting shoe while doing athletics like running, sprinting, jumping or just a casual great looking shoe that adds a solid 1.5 inches of height, I’d definitely opt for a pair of Ultra Boost.

Height Increasing Insoles

An easy way to make pretty much any of your shoes give you more height is by getting some insoles that add an inch or two. Usually these are just called height increasing insoles and they work best with high tops shoes or boots.

I do not recommend using them with low top sneakers at all. Otherwise, these are an amazing option.