How To Be a Well Dressed Man in Your 30’s

Whether we like it or not, we are usually judged based on first appearances. While being told to “dress your age” might seem like a crude judgement at first glance, all it really means is “dress for the occasions you will most likely have at your current stage of life”.

During your teenage years – or even college – you didn’t have that much responsibility. Serious events such as grad school interviews, job interviews, formal dress codes, weddings, corporate events, even going on romantic dates were not happening nearly as often as they will when you’re in your 30’s.

Back then wearing a t-shirt and some baggy jeans on the daily were enough for daily wear. In your 30’s the rules change, and the playing field gets a bit more mature.

Today, we will show you how exactly you can upgrade your style to give off more of a put together impression.

Can You Still Dress Cool in Your 30’s?

Once you near your 30s or perhaps you’re already in them you might feel the need to completely revamp yourself as a person. You might be kind of dreading it thinking (“Can I still dress in styles I love? Can I still have a streetwear style, or an alternative style?”).

There is a huge misconception that just because you’re in your 30’s you can’t dress sexy. That you have to dress like a boring adult now. This is completely wrong.

You can still have an amazing and interesting style in your 30’s, perhaps not the exact same as when you were younger – but a slight tad different.

The secret to dressing cool in your 30’s is to elevate and upgrade the styles you loved to wear in your 20s.

Here are a few examples of men in their 30’s that have elevated their style.

ASAP Rocky
Younes Bendjima

So no matter what style you wish to enhance in your 30s – whether it’s a streetwear style or a more preppy style – don’t think of your age as a limitation.

How To Dress Casual in Your 30’s – Outfit Ideas

For a casual wardrobe comfort is a primary facet of dressing, as well as the overall impact of an outfit.

Some shades could make or break the whole ensemble, that’s why more mature men often shy away from bright, eye-catching colors or patterns, often appalled by their “tackiness” or lack of finesse.

Here are some style ideas that you can cop for a casual minimalist wardrobe:

A comfy wool overcoat, selvedge denim jeans and white sneakers are always a nice combination to have. Get these essentials in cool neutrals, and your wardrobe will thank you.

Layering is always a good idea, especially when your upper body is a bit smaller. It can give a bit of proportion, if you’re bottom heavy.

Somebody’s gotta have some wool. Or a quirky, military-style jacket. Anything texture adds up to the luxurious vibe of any outfit. It also adds dimension to your body, with the right type of fabric flattering your frame.

You can pair it off with relaxed pair of pants and your favorite sneakers for a hip take on casual thirties fashion. Or you could throw in some tattered jeans and desert boots. Yes, it’s age appropriate!

You may want to try something fancier and get one in a blended material. Such a classy vibe – especially when paired with brown heritage boots..or even your plain ol’ Chucks.

The key is low key colors with a focus on a strong foundation and high quality pieces.

No matter how you decide to style them, grey crewneck sweatshirts are one of the best pieces that you can invest in. Opt to get a few in neutral colors just as the ones shown above, as they can be paired with most shades in your wardrobe.

You can dress them up, or down, as you may please. Opt out of jeans and go for navy chinos for a classier look. Start slowly replacing wearing jeans with other types of pants.

How To Dress Business Casual in Your 30’s

Your best friend in this section is the navy blazer. Take some notes from this guy above – a quirky blazer paired with more traditional neutral colors such as navy and grey are a great way to spice up your formal outfits.

Layer-up in time for your daily commute! Again, layering is the key to better proportions.

Trench coats and overcoats are a must in every wardrobe, if you may have noticed. You can actually color-coordinate with all the layers and create a seamless gradient of blacks and whites, or whatever your preference is.

Yes, dark on light looks good, too. Opt for long coats with some sort of texture, like tweed or wool, which could give your ensemble body and form.

Also, if you’re just starting out your collection, try to build as much neutrals as you can. This would reduce the headache you’ll have when figuring out what to wear.

Also, it’s good to note that shoes are an important part of the whole outfit – try to invest in quality shoes that aren’t sneakers (eg: derby’s).

Just a few pairs in the right colors will give you the kind of confidence needed to take on all of your career jumps.

Hello to the Henley + Chinos combo you never knew you needed! Yes, that’s right – if folded properly and at acceptable lengths, this get-up could look classic and streamlined.

Cool colors are easy on the eyes, and are easy to style once you’ve got them. If you have some fancy mules saved up, then this is the perfect outfit to pair with!

And that’s the end of our guide! Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight about the importance of dressing-up, especially at the stage in your life when all the opportunities come rushing in.

Remember that a lasting impression comes a long way, and that great things come from a good fashion sense. Good luck, and make it happen!

19 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own in Their 30s

You’re at a weird crossroads, you still probably got a lot of stuff you wore in college, but it’s looking outdated and a little childish, so maybe you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe to adulthood.

We’ve got you covered man, here’s 19 clothing items you probably should have or work towards getting.

1) Well Fitting Suit Tailored To Your Body

Let’s start with the most obvious! If you’re in your 30’s you’ve most likely got a career path you’re following and a well fitting suit is a must have for a young professional such as yourself. Preferably in the colors Navy or Gray.

2) Casual Blazer

Let’s be honest, the average work fashion is becoming less and less formal so rocking a suit every day might make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Blazers are the perfect choice for when you want to keep it office appropriate but not overwhelm people with a fully fitted tailored suit.

3) Classy and Expensive Watch

Ok it doesn’t have to be SUPER SUPER expensive, but a watch you can whip out on special occasions is important to have.

The watch industry has come a long way you can get some amazing pieces for very reasonable prices, and it’s cool to have something to pass down the generations.

4) Quality Leather Dress Shoes

Having at least one pair of quality dress shoes in either black or brown is a worthwhile investment you will not regret.

These bad boys will last you decades and with so many quality craftsmen producing amazing hand crafted dress shoes your options are pretty wide.

5) Quality Pair of Boots

A sturdy pair of men’s boots is great to have for casual wear when you’re just walking around town or doing some gritty work.

Boots have become a staple for many guys during the winter and fall season, get yourself a pair that will last you for years to come!

6) The Perfect Summer White Sneaker

Ah Summer. As you bask in the warmth of the sun you also yourself want to shine and look bright. No better way to do that than to own a quality pair of white shoes. So many options for any price point, you can’t go wrong here!

7) An Actual Warm Winter Coat

There’s a time to look stylish and there’s a time to be functional.

This is a time to be both. In the dead of winter when the snow is blowing and it feels like icicles on your cheeks, you need a puffy winter coat that will actually keep you warm!

8) A Dressy Winter Coat

Longcoats, overcoats, whatever you call em, have at least one pair handy for days where it’s cold but it’s not cold cold to the point you need to bust out your heavy winter artillery.

9) An Actual Duffel Bag

Alright, you’re 30 now, considered an adult by most people’s standards. It’s time to get a real duffel bag and stop using your old college stuff to lug everything around!

10) A Pair of Dark Jeans You Love

A pair of dark men’s jeans that fit perfectly, you’ve had em for a bit so they’ve molded to your body and it just looks perfect and feels perfect too. You’ll have these jeans for years to come.

11) A Daily Casual Jacket

You know on the days you’re not rocking full suits and tuxedos? (Which isn’t everyday I hope). You need to have your casual clothing on point. Get yourself a trusty jacket that you can throw on for the more mundane days of our lives.

12) A Healthy Amount of Casual Shirts

Henley’s, ox-fords, button downs, and polos. Whatever you prefer, get yourself a healthy amount of em and make it your signature look.

13) Vintage Leather Jacket

Is there anything in the world that looks cooler than an old vintage leather jacket with some slight tears and a bit of dust on it? Yeah, didn’t think so. Don’t get yourself a shiny looking plastic one, go for real leather and real vintage.

14) The Perfect T-Shirt

By now, I hope you know what kind of t-shirts work for you and your body type.

The materials you prefer, the cut you prefer, etc. It’s important as the t-shirt is the foundation of every guy’s wardrobe. Have a good amount of your perfect tee in your closet at all times!

15) Tuxedo

Ok, maybe you’ll wear this a lot, maybe you’ll wear it once a year or two, regardless, you’ll never be unprepared for a fancy party again!

16) A well Fitting Casual Hoodie

If you’re like me, you love hoodies. The material, the comfort, just lounging around on a lazy Sunday in your cozy hoodie, or walking to the gym.

Whatever you like to do with your hoodie, have some quality ones on deck that fit you well.

17) A Quality Leather Wallet

Alright guys, it’s time to put away your Transformers wallet you got at Wal-Mart (although it is pretty damn cool) you’ll look pretty silly when whipping it out to pay for a clients meal.

18) A Real Work Bag

Please tell me you don’t take a backpack to work. Please. Get yourself a REAL work bag.

19) Shorts You Wont Be Embarrassed To Wear

Men usually fall into two categories, guys that never wear shorts and guys that wear shorts….everywhere…no matter what.

We can start something new, be the guy that wears proper fitting shorts on occasions that call for it! Look amazing in the spring and summer time, and please, no shorts that come down to your ankles.