80 Men’s Hairstyles Every Guy Should Look At For Inspiration 2022

Last updated: December 24, 2021

Modern men’s hairstyles are very inclusive. There isn’t that ONE hairstyle that is the most popular and trendy that everyone has, like in previous eras.

In 2022, men’s hairstyles take on all forms and shapes which is a great thing because previously, if what’s popular is a style that doesn’t suit you (be it your face shape or head shape) you kind of feel left out.

Nowadays, we have so many styles to choose from, from longer hair, medium length hairstyles to classic short hairstyles, there is something that’s going to work for you.

In these 80 modern men’s hairstyles, I tried to include hairstyles of all lengths and styles so that you find something you’ll like.

I also tried to include hairstyles that would be work friendly, to crazy hairstyles that the younger guys that really want to stand out can get.

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We’ll start with…

Men’s Short Hairstyles

If you like keeping your hair short, if you like a clean cut style, these hairstyles are for you. I’ve included buzzcuts, fades, and classical men’s hairstyles.

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

The following hairstyles are what I consider more ‘modern’ as in what’s trending in 2020.

So what really seems to be popular at the moment is hairstyles that are longer and flowy on top and almost “messy” and asymmetrical in a way, but the sides are tapered or carefully cut short with scissors (not clippers).

There’s a ton of different hairstyles here so they might not all fit that description, but these are the hairstyles I see that are really popular among the young and young adults that like to be trendy.

Long Hairstyles For Men

If you like to grow your mane out and want to get something cool, I highly recommend taking a look at these men’s long hairstyles.