Best Men’s Hairstyles in 2023

In 2023, we’re all broke and too tired to put the enormous amount of effort into our hair that we used to.

The age of the crispy fade that you had to hit up the barber for every 2 weeks and apply a boat load of pomade to style is gone.

Nowadays what we all really want is a hairstyle that:

  1. Lasts longer – this means cutting down on going to a barber so often.
  2. Requires less effort to style – no more blow-drying the hair, adding product for 10 minutes to get the perfect style.
  3. No more hyper details – fades only look good for about 2 weeks. A crispy sidepart isn’t practical anymore.

So what’s the trends now? What hairstyles are taking over?

We’re going to break this down into age brackets.

22 & Younger

If you’re in this age bracket, you have a pretty good pulse on what’s popular right now. It’s pretty much what everyone on TikTok has. This means a couple of hairstyles:

The Flow

This is basically a grown out medium length hairstyle worn by flowing it back with a cap

Check out our article on: how to grow a flow.

Fluffy Fringe

This is the quintessential tiktoker hair, a fluffy fringe where the hair is swooped forward and up

To get this hairstyle, you want to add a bit of texture and volume to your hair. Using a sea salt spray and texturizing clay is highly recommended if you want this look.

Messy Taper

Think grown out hair, but with a taper. This hairstyle requires a bit more upkeep because of the taper, but it still follows the general rule of less effort, and lasts longer.


Basically grow out your hair and shave the sides. Easy.

Mid 20s to Mid 30s.

The most popular hairstyle for guys in this age bracket that I’ve seen are the following:

The Leonardo DiCaprio

A lot of us are 90s kids so it’s no wonder we love this hairstyle. All it really requires is growing out your hair and getting a trim every 3 months to keep it clean.


Some dudes in this age bracket start losing their hair so opting for something easy and simple that you can even do yourself like a buzzcut works great.

Professionals (35+)

For people in this bracket, think lawyer, real estate agents and just professionals in general, a lot of them are opting for the ‘american psycho’ hairstyle which is a clean and slicked back medium length hairstyle.

It follows the trend of taking less effort, and lasting longer. Overall that’s the forecast for men’s hairstyles in 2023.