12 Best White Sneakers For Men With a Clean Minimal Style

Last updated: February 14, 2022

Footwear presents an unwelcome opportunity for men to take fashion risks they’re not ready for. Gentlemen, you know this predicament all too well – putting together a cohesive outfit is a stressor within itself and the culture around footwear is more niche and unpredictable than you’d care to know. You’re busy and fashion isn’t your forte, but you still want to step out looking your best – enter stage left, the white sneaker.

Polished and versatile, white sneakers are the pinnacle of effortless fashion: they take the guess-work out of footwear. All risk eliminated, a clean white sneaker can give you the confidence you need to start your day (or night) out on the right foot.

White Sneaker Materials

White sneakers are usually made from white leather or fabric. White leather sneakers can be made from different types of materials, such as cowhide, pigskin or sheepskin. Fabric sneakers can be made from cotton, nylon or silk.

The white color is usually achieved by using a white pigment known as titanium dioxide which is mixed with oil-based paint during the manufacturing process.

12 Best White Sneakers

Top Pick
JAK – Royal White

The Royal White Sneaker is as understated as it is luxury. A genuine calf leather exterior and removable shock-proof innersole means this shoe is easy to keep clean and comfortable for everyday wear. Quality, intentional design by JAK yields a product that will stand the test of time, keeping your style game clean and on the go for longer. We dub this the perfect summer sneaker.

Oliver Cabell – Low 1 White Gum

The sleek white design and small gold lettering featured here achieves the tasteful subtlety expected by high-end clientele. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers are stitched and laced in Marche, Italy, where the shoe’s organic cotton and calfskin leather are also sourced. This is a sneaker for those looking to say more by doing less. Goes perfect with your favorite pair of shorts.

Artisan Lab – Classic Vintage Sneaker

This Artisan Lab gem is one of our favorites – its two-tone design adds a hint of effortless dimension without undermining the simplicity of the white leather sneaker. Aesthetics aside, the Classic Sneaker features antibacterial insoles with memory foam technology and arch support for maximum comfort perfect for daily wear. Like the Oliver Cabell alternative, this sneaker is handmade in Italy and exudes minimalist luxe.

MUJI – Walk Support Sneaker

MUJI’s Walk-Support Water Repellent Sneaker is a great value for those seeking comfort and style for less. This white/nude design is made of treated organic cotton unlike its leather counter-parts, and its rubber soles are fitted for optimal comfort wear. This is a shoe for all weather, all day, and all outfits.

Reebok – Club C 85

The Club C 85 sneaker is a nostalgic reboot of vintage Reebok designs that harness the utility and style of tennis footwear. These soft leather sneakers are bringing back 20th century aesthetics without compromising functionality because Reebok-wearers value familiarity and comfort just as much as you do.

PRO-Keds – Unisex Royal Lo

This release from Keds’ athletic line of footwear is a casual option for white sneakers featuring pops of the brand’s signature reds and blues. Traditional canvas with rubber toe caps and soles spell out classic comfort and added color gives the sneaker a subtle flare without stepping too far outside your safe zone.

Converse – Chuck 70

Arguably the most well-known and widely-worn shoe on this list, the Converse Chuck 70 is a loved classic with some modern upgrades. Comfort in-soles and high rubber

side-walls maximize performance while original canvas body and branding stay true to Converse design we all recognize.

Onitsuka Tiger – Mexico 66

This retro 60’s inspired sneaker is just plain cool. A white leather body with neutral suede accents and colorful striping come together in this Onitsuka Tiger creation that is a bit more everything than your average white sneaker. Taking things just one step further than the Royal Lo, the Mexico 66 proves that pops of color flourish within your comfort zone without diminishing the versatility of the classic white sneaker.

Novesta Star – White Sneaker

The Novesta Star Master was designed for simplicity. Featuring all-white canvas with off-white rubber toe cap and soles, silver eyelets are the only pop of color you’ll find on

this shoe. That is, besides the canary yellow interiors…but those are just for you to enjoy.

This is a shoe for the minimalist – you need a staple white sneaker and that’s what END has to offer.

Axel Arigato – Clean 90

Circling back to one of our favorite luxury sneakers, the Axel Arigato Clean 90 boasts a similar design to Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 with a more accessible price-tag. Cushioned foot-beds with added arch support accompany the sleek exterior of this all-white sneaker and minimalist gold lettering makes this not only a practical selection, but a tasteful one. This is one of our favorite Common Projects alternatives.

Nike – Blazer Mid ’77

This vintage-esque sneaker is guaranteed to make anyone look like a style expert. Like many of Nike’s creations, the Blazer Mid ‘77 is a fun and unique take on a classic design. Building on the traditional white hightop, designers layer suede detailing over a simple leather body with colorful and overlapping Nike insignias. Further embellishments include embroidered logo details on the heel and side panels which top off the expert design of this surprisingly understated work of art. As far as cool white sneakers go, this selection is right up there with the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66.

CLAE – Bardley Triple White

The Bradley by CLAE is engineered for maximum comfort and quality closely followed by simplicity of design. This sneaker is made of white milled Italian Nappa leather and features molded EVA footbeds for optimal fit and feel. Flat waxed cotton laces and clean leather lining speak to the close attention to detail paid by creators at CLAE. This is the natural choice for our practical readers who delight in the details.