7 Men’s Fashion Trends and Latest Styles in 2022

This fall-winter has been a season of experimentation that will continue in spring-summer. Designers have reinterpreted many trends and have added a spirit of celebration to their collections. Expect to see lots of new silhouettes, vibrant colors, bright hues, and party wear this season.

Spring summer is going to be full of body-bearing, genderless fashion, and strip-down elements. Also, there is a return to the basics along with the emergence of a new formality through black tailoring. Take a look at the biggest fashion trends for 2022.

The All Black Biker

Αfter a colorful revival of last spring-summer fashion, specifically classic tailoring, goes back to a pragmatic and high drama color black.

Τhe popularity of black tailoring can be interpreted as a response from designers to the damages caused by the global pandemic. If you have a minimalistic and grunge aesthetic, then this style is for you.

In particular, this type of outfit look extremely well on young men around 25-30 with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a narrow waist.

Jacket: An essential piece of clothing when it comes to biker fashion is your leather jacket. A biker-style leather jacket is perfect for the man who wants something that’ll work across most of his wardrobe. 

Undershirt: Anything from a plain black tee to a polo shirt and an oversized sweater will do the job. If you really want to focus on showing off your figure, invest in polo shirts or V-necks. 

Jeans: A pair of black ripped skinny jeans, or slim chino pants are perfect for this type of look. They can enhance the grunge aesthetic of the overall outfit. 

Shoes: In terms of shoes, invest in a pair of Dr. Martens or Chelsea boots. If you want a more casual Chelsea boot, look for textured leather or suede.

The Summertime Staple

For those careless summer days when you want to dress up casually and in style, consider a pair of shorts and an oversized tee.

This is an easy no-fuss summer look that won’t turn any heads in the street but definitely looks put together and will help keep your body from overheating.

If you’re going to run some errands on a hot summer morning, consider wearing lightweight, airy clothes with a baggy fit. This look is ideal for young men with a sense of style who are not afraid to experiment with different colors and textures.

T-Shirt:  Designers for summer spring 2022 are proposing oversized float t-shirts, long sleeve tunic shirts and printed airy tops. An oversized graphic tee with a logo or a nice print is ideal for this type of look.

Shorts:  Shorts have many variations in current runways, with the Bermuda shortcoming on the top of the list. The run-of-the-mill ideal length for a pair of shorts is right above the knee, a standard length that will fit any body type. 

Shoes: Make your shorts stand out with a pair of sporty dad sneakers. Neutral-colored shoes are still on-trend. However, if you want a more daring approach, opt for a pair of colorful sneakers. 

Accessories:  When the weather is super hot, and you’re dressing very casually, the easiest way to differentiate yourself from the others is with accessories. Don’t be afraid to throw on a bunch of different pieces, such as a bracelet, a wristwatch, a necklace, a bucket hat and some rings to show off your personality.

The Santorini Slayer

If you’re looking for effortless cool outfits, go for an island-inspired look. This look works great for men over 30 who like to dress in a minimal and elegant way.

Shirt:  One of the first things that should cross your mind when you’re getting dressed for really hot weather is the types of materials that you’re wearing. Opt for breezy, floaty and airy linen shirts that are highly breathable or choose Cuban Collar 

bold button-up shirts. If you are going for a dressier appearance and you don’t want to be too loud, choose a neutral-colored shirt.

Pants: There’s nothing better than a pair of white pants to walk around the island. Whether you prefer white chinos or jeans, they both look great and can be styled with anything.

Belt: Woven belts are great for summertime since they add a nice flair. Alternatively, you can stay with a classic brown or black leather belt that matches your footwear.

Shoes: Sandals and white sneakers are the ultimate choices for a casual morning look, while boat shoes, espadrilles, and loafers are perfect for a more formal occasion.

Accessories: In terms of jewelry, try to keep it low-key with subtle accessories like a ring, a necklace, a pair of sunglasses, or a fedora hat to protect you from the sun.

The Denim Jacket Deviant 

A denim jacket is a staple fashion item that you can dress up or down.

Be bold and try the denim-on-denim look by mixing the washes of your jeans and your jacket; you can either go a little darker up top and a little lighter down on the bottom or the other way.

Jacket: Experiment with different washes and styles, from light-washed distressed jackets to classic blue ones.

T-Shirt: Keep it simple and sophisticated. A plain white minimal tee underneath is the perfect base layer to build the rest of your look. If you have some extra weight, switch the white tee with a black one that gives a nice slimming effect. 

Pants: Black straight-leg jeans or beige chino pants can make an otherwise simple outfit seem really cool.

Shoes: Complete the outfit with minimal white, grey, black, or navy blue sneakers.

Accessories: A nice pair of Aviator or Wayfarer sunglasses work on most face shapes and exude confidence.

The King of New York

Consider a formal aesthetic with wool overcoats, blazers, suit pants, shirts, and winter accessories for a sharp winter look at the office.

For businessmen around 35+ who are fashion connoisseurs, one of the easiest ways to have fun with business casual is to include one pattern and keep the rest of your outfit pretty solid colored and neutral.

Layering is one of the key ideas to think about and incorporate into your winter looks.

Jacket: Winter is undoubtedly a great season for outerwear. You want to make sure that the coat you choose it’s thick, long, and made of high quality. A wool fabrication or something along those lines will keep you warm. Consider a pea coat, a puffer jacket or a tailored wool coat for a dapper elegant look.

Pants: For a winter look, you want pants in a heavier fabric, like wool. Extra coverage equals extra warmth. And with a heavier fabric, a cuff on the trouser is always a good choice. A pair of plaid heavy wool pants would be perfect, as long as you don’t wear another print. 

Shirt: Layer a crisp white shirt under a knitted cashmere v-neck sweater to add extra warmth and dimension. Remember to leave the collar of the shirt visible.

Scarf: Opt for a woolen scarf for a little extra warmth around your neck. Tie it in a Parisian knot and make the whole look more sophisticated.

Gloves: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your outfit more fun using those leather gloves that actually are really essential when it’s cold outside.

The Vintage Vinny

Spice up an otherwise simple outfit with printed shirts which are super popular right now.

From band t-shirts to Hawaiian button-up shirts to a classic dress shirt, vintage shirts are an excellent choice for men. For the fashionable young guys who want to look effortlessly cool, the vintage style might be ideal for you.

The 90’s “Dad” style is also great for middle-aged men who like to spend their day away from the office.

Shirt:   A vintage shirt can definitely add some additional flair to your look. A short-sleeve button-up shirt tucked into your high-waisted pants is the perfect place to start. It’s also a great way to hide your midsection if you might be carrying a little extra weight. Regardless, this style works for every body type.

Pants: Why not complete your outfit with men’s vintage pants? Jeans or trousers, vintage pants add a different flair than modern pieces. If you choose to add retro style to your clothing, opt for high-waisted jeans or tailored pants for your dressier and casual daily looks.

Shoes:  For footwear, just base it on your activity. If you are going for a night smart casual appearance, a loafer or a nice pair of boots would be great. If it’s daytime and you want to keep things a little bit more casual, a nice minimal white sneaker is perfect just because it’s comfortable it’s easy to walk around sneakers. White Converse high tops, old-school Vans, or Nike air force ones are all safe choices. 

Accessories:  Subtle, minimal accessories, like a baseball cap, a pendant necklace, silver rings, and a nice watch are enough to add a little bit of extra personality to your outfit. 

The Codeine Cowboy

For upcoming spring-summer, there is an emergence of psychedelic art in the form of carriage patterns as well
as color bleed rainbow patterns.

From neon green to fluorescent pink and electric blue, there is a wide range of bright colors and intricate patterns with an audacious desire for a bold, optimistic and colorful summer.

The hip-hop look with baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt appears super stylish and edgy when pulled by teenagers and men that want to make a statement appearance.

T-shirt: Go for oversized vintage tees with psychedelic prints or big colorful stains. An acid-wash graphic t-shirt is a style staple. 

Tuck in the front of the shirt and let the back loose, especially if you are wearing a designer belt. Add a flannel plaid shirt on top to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

Jeans: Stay on the baggy side and opt for ripped jeans, light-wash jeans. 

Shoes: To finish off the vintage look, you can rock a pair of Vans Old Skool or retro Air Jordan Ones.

Accessories: The pendant gold chain is a must-have for this look. Wear gold or platinum rings with diamonds or stones in them for some flash.

Hat: Choose a vintage 90s trucker hat that makes a sleek and bold statement, and wear it with the brim facing forward.