The Best Floral Shirts To Keep Cool With This Summer

There’s no doubt about it, floral shirts are the trendiest shirts to have for summertime 2017.

I absolutely love floral shirts because their are so many options out there in terms of colors and design. The best men’s floral shirts offer a unique design at an affordable price.

Many men’s clothing brands offers their own take on the classic floral button up, which means a ton of options for you, which is always a good thing.

When buying a floral shirt you want to pick something with a unique color pallet that’s appropriate for the setting you’ll be wearing em in.

Choosing the right floral button up is a lot like choosing the right men’s cologne – It’s largely dependent on the season and how hot it gets.

If the summers where you live are luke-warm and brisk, go for a cooler color scheme with whites and blues.

If where you live is sunshine city and the heat is scorching hot, go crazy with summer colors galore – reds, yellows, greens and pink.

The most important part of pulling off a floral shirt is recognizing that it’s the statement piece of your outfit, which means everything else you wear shouldn’t be trying to take the spotlight away from the shirt.

For example, you don’t want to wear distressed jeans with a floral shirt because it would look awkward and too busy, but a solid pair of chinos in stone, grey or light brown would work perfectly.

One of my personal favorite outfits with a floral shirt is a classic black denim and white sneakers look. It’s a very fresh and clean that has all the pieces complimenting each other which makes it work great.

But of course, many summer shoes work great with a floral shirt, not just white sneakers.

Now it’s time to take a look at our list of the 7 best floral shirts for men and where to buy em.

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