Beach Outfits For Men – How To Dress For The Beach

When you’re going to the beach you want to look fresh and comfortable. You want to look put together but also have an outfit that appropriately deals with the heat, sand and water of the beach.

Just like outfits for other occasions, your beach outfit can be more dressed up, or more dressed down. We’ll cover the entire spectrum of beachwear formality in this article.

The Beach Boy Aesthetic

The beach boy aesthetic is a more casual beach outfit that looks great and is super comfortable but is still very stylish.

The core components of the beach boy aesthetic starts with an oversized tee. Your oversized tee can be plain, or a graphic tee – either will work.

The next piece of this aesthetic is swim shorts. The type of swim shorts you should be wearing in 2022 are shorter than the long boardshorts you’re used to. opt for 7″ swim shorts with cool patterns.

Sweat shorts also work great here, but obviously not ideal if you’re going to be near water.

The next piece of clothing is optional, but we highly recommend it – a hat.

Usually any kind of baseball cap, trucker cap or bucket hat looks great with this aesthetic and gives a cool casual vibe.

Your footwear can vary by a lot with this style. If you’re just going to be hanging by the boardwalk we recommend a crispy clean pair of white sneakers or some sporty sneakers like Nike Dunks or Jordans.

Otherwise you can go for slides or crocs if you’re going to be near sand and water.

Accessories can add a lot when opting for this style. Some cool accessories you can wear are sunglasses, pearl necklaces and watches.

Clean and Classy Beach Outfit

If you’re looking for a more put together outfit for your beachwear this is the style for you.

The outfit starts with a simple and classy button up. You can opt for a long sleeve, but most of the time you’d want a short sleeve button up. Linen is a great fabric to go for here because of how breathable it is.

For bottoms you will want to get yourself a pair of chino shorts. The style of short you want to go for is 7 inch shorts, but you can go even shorter to 5 inch shorts.

For footwear, what you need is a simple minimalistic pair of white sneakers. Keep it very simple here.

Accessories that work with this type of outfit is a simple watch and a necklace. Less is more!