Men’s Latest Hot Trends: Patterned Pants

Plaid, striped, polka dot, or even animal printed pants with any print on them can simply transform your looks. Wearing them is an introductory move that will start to expand your style with minimal effort. Whether you are dressing casually or formally, you can sub in a pair of patterned pants to instantly boost the style of an otherwise basic outfit. They grab all the best attention, make your outfits look a ton more intentional.

By swapping out your jeans or your chino pants for a pair of patterned pants, you’re suddenly going to look more put together and super stylish. There’s absolutely a pair of patterned pants that will work for you. Patterned pants are the way to go because you could have the most basic wardrobe with like white tees, neutral sweaters, and the focus will be on the pants.

You can tone them down to feel a little bit more comfortable in them, or you can completely go the form aisle and add loads pop some color. Here’s a guide on how to style different prints, patterns, and styles!

Patchwork Jeans

There is a recent wave that has taken over the classic denim, and that is the patchwork. Patchwork denim adds a skater vibe and a Y2K nostalgia. Designers have given their own interpretation to the patchwork trend, collaging together a bunch of different denim washes and textures.

If you want to go with a super bold pair of pants, try these jeans featuring a monogrammed patchwork by Louis Vuitton. An easy way to style them is to tuck a white t-shirt in patchwork jeans and complete the look with minimal white sneakers. 

Plaid Pattern

Go for a monochromatic all-black look with a black tee, leather jacket, and combat boots. Switch out your solid black pants for a pair of plaid trousers to add more interest. It’s a little bit more dressy, grungy, and put together because you can get the black on the top and the bottom and break it up with a touch of plaid in the middle that still has a similar color scheme.

Floral Pattern

When worn with a luxury sports jacket and crispy button-down shirt, floral patterned jeans can often look better at the office than tailored trousers. If you want to incorporate a pair of nice pattern trousers into your look, keep the upper half pretty basic and solid.

Floral jeans look great with neutral knitted sweaters on top for a smart casual office look or a dinner date. Remember that the trousers are the highlight; everything else you wear should complement or help tone them down.

Striped Pattern

Start with a super basic polo denim jacket, a pair of chinos and white sneakers for a business casual outfit. Choose a pair of striped dress pants in a subtle, minimal pattern. It’s a simple yet stylish look that adds a bit of interest.

For a little bit more dressy look that would be perfect for a meeting, opt for striped navy blue chino pants, a white t-shirt, a structured blazer and a pair of loafers in the same color hues.