11 Best T-Shirts For Men: Ranked by Quality, Style and Brand

Finding the right T-shirt can be a big challenge. Sure, it seems like a pretty easy feat at first. It’s a simple shirt — what’s so difficult about shopping for that? But, once you step into the store, or press enter on that Google search, the options are so overwhelming it’s hard to know where to start.

What’s the difference between oversized and boxy? Will cotton or polyester feel softer? Does this brand follow the ethical standards I’m looking for? These are just a few of the questions you might encounter when looking for a T-shirt, especially with the availability of shipping clothes from anywhere around the world, and the vast world of online shopping.

Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so easy. There are so many options that figuring out what you’re looking for in the first place is confusing, much less knowing how to find it. And doing the right research is virtually impossible without spending hours of your time on it — all for a basic T-shirt. It’s tempting to make a few clicks and be done with it, but that runs the risk of buying a low-quality T-shirt that doesn’t fit any of your needs or wants.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research for you and created a list of the best T-shirts for men, including all the details you need and where to find each shirt. Each item on this list has a detailed description of the brand, fit, and material so that you don’t have to go searching for it on your own. Whether you prefer a slim, lightweight feel, a thicker, boxy look, or anything in between, the right T-shirt for you is on this list. Here are the best tees for Men.

Editors Pick: Neutrale Logo Tee

Uniqlo: U Crew Neck

Uniqlo is a modern clothes retailer with Japanese roots and influence. This brand focuses on creating accessible casual wear and is available in almost every corner of the world. They offer clothes for women, men, kids, and babies, and provide versatile options for any type of casual clothes.

Uniqlo’s U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt comes in 11 tasteful colors and is the utmost basic T-shirt. The shirt has a slightly oversize fit, but still feels relaxed and comfortable. This allows the wearer to easily move around in it without feeling cramped.

This piece hangs a bit longer than other shirts, and the sleeves hit lower on the arms. It is made of 100% cotton with a polyester collar, which is designed to prevent stretching and changing shape. Overall, the material provides a thicker feel than some of the other options on the market, which can be helpful for staying warm in cold weather. In order to prevent shrinkage, it is recommended by Uniqlo to machine wash cold.

Asket: The T-Shirt

Asket is a progressive, sustainable clothing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their main goal is to create garments that last a lifetime, which combats the waste created by fast fashion brands. Under each product description, Asket provides the cost of creating the garment, as well as the garment’s traceability and carbon dioxide impact.

Their basic tee, named “The T-Shirt,” comes in a straight cut with a crew neck, giving a very standard fit. One advantage of buying from Asket is that they have created an easy, personalized sizing system. For this T-shirt, you first select a size ranging from XS-XL, and then you select your preferred length, either short, regular, or long. The sleeves are mid-length and the fabric is pre-shrunk, so the size you choose is the size you are guaranteed to keep.

The shirt comes in eight rich yet muted colors, and is created with 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. This material gives a slightly heavier feel for the wearer. Additionally, the ribbed collar prevents stretch while providing a comfortable fit on the neck.

Everlane: Organic Pocket Tee

Everlane is another great choice if you’re looking to buy from an environmentally sustainable and ethical brand that creates timeless, modern pieces. Similar to Asket, this company breaks down what it costs to make each clothing item. But, where Everlane goes above and beyond is that they compare the price of their garments to the traditional retail price that same garment would go for.

Everlane creates clothing for women and men, and they also have a special denim line. Everlane’s Organic Cotton Pocket Tee is included in their Uniform collection, which is a line of everyday basics. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, they recommend sizing up in this T-shirt as it comes in a slim fit.

The shirt also boasts a subtle pocket on the breast. The sleeves are mid-length and the shirt is about standard length. The material is 100% organic cotton (hence the name) and is soft to the touch without being see-through. The cotton comes in five neutral colors and is designed to become softer over time, without shrinking or changing shape.

Reigning Champ: T-Shirt

Reigning Champ is a premium athletic wear brand based in Vancouver. They create a variety of clothing, focusing on creating pieces with simplicity and versatility. They have both women’s and men’s lines, and their garments can be worn for intense athletic activities or as a casual “athleisure” look. On their website, you can browse based on category of clothing or preferred fabric.

Their Midweight Jersey T-shirt boasts a relaxed fit with drop shoulders that hit a bit lower on the arms. If you’re looking for something loose and comfortable, Reigning Champ recommends staying true to your size with this piece. If you’re looking for a more standard fit, it is recommended to size up.

This shirt falls under their midweight jersey section, giving it more structure but still a soft feel for the wearer. It is 100% cotton, handcrafted in Canada, and has already been professionally washed in order to prevent shrinkage after your purchase. This T-shirt comes in four neutral colors and is a sophisticated, slightly more athletic option.

John Elliott: Anti-Expo Tee

John Elliott is a modern luxury brand that creates a variety of clothing for both women and men. Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, they strive to create functional yet tasteful garments, sourcing their materials from all around the globe with purpose.

They sell anything from sweaters to sweatpants to shoes, and, of course, T-shirts. John Elliott’s Anti-Expo Tee comes in a relaxed fit and has some subtle, unique twists. The cut is slightly longer in the front, providing a slightly different look without being too extreme. Additionally, the hem is unfinished.

It is designed to be slightly oversized, and they recommend sizing down one for a more standard fit. Unlike some other brands, their sizes range from XS-XXXL. The material is 100% midweight recycled cotton and has a slightly textured feel, with 13 color options ranging from brighter hues to muted neutrals. The T-shirt is made locally at their location in Los Angeles.

L.L. Bean: Carefree Unshrinkable Tee

L.L. Bean is an outdoor brand that produces quality clothing, equipment, and home goods apparel to help equip its customers for any types of weather. Their clothing is sturdy yet fashionable, and they have pledged to lessen their environmental footprint, making them a sustainable and ethical company.

While L.L. Bean is widely known for their footwear and outerwear, their Men’s Carefree Unshrinkable Tee is another solid T-shirt choice. It comes in a traditional fit with the choice of regular or tall length.

The T-shirt is relaxed in the chest, sleeves and waist, and L.L. Bean recommends staying true to size when purchasing this item. The shirt is 100% jersey-knit cotton and feels very soft. It comes with plenty of additional amenities to increase its comfort and durability.

The fabric is designed to get softer as you wash, and the label is printed directly on the inside rather than on a tag. Coming in 12 colors, this T-shirt rejects shrinkage and stretch, making it a long-lasting option.

Acne Studios: Lightweight T-Shirt

Acne Studios is another Stockholm-based company that is inspired by the founder’s unique multidisciplinary approach. This brand creates modern luxury clothing and accessories for women, men, and children, and the items have a very distinct, clean look.

Acne Studios emphasizes out-of-the-box fabrics and textures as well as juxtaposition. They also work towards sustainability in their products, suppliers, and operations. Their Nash Face shirt is a traditional fit, staying true to size. However, if you prefer a slim fit look, it is recommended to size down one.

This garment was created as a unisex product, making it wearable for many occasions and looks. It features a more rounded collar and slightly longer sleeves, with a lightweight feel. The material is made of 100% cotton, which is organically grown.

The shirt also features the trademark Acne Studios face patch on the chest. This simple yet comfortable T-shirt comes in eight colors ranging from bright pastels to dark neutrals.

J.Crew: Relaxed Heritage Cotton T-Shirt

J. Crew is an American apparel company that creates clothes and accessories for women, men, and children. Their products include anything from outerwear, denim, suits, and shoes, and they focus on classic pieces that stay updated to modern styles.

Their signature garments are more business casual, but they have expanded to feature an array of casual, everyday clothes as well. Their Relaxed Heritage Cotton T-shirt comes in more of a relaxed fit, which J. Crew describes as old-school. The shirt is a bit longer than other styles and comes in a range of sizes from XS-XXL.

The sleeves are loose and comfortable, and the collar is comfortably rounded. This garment is made of heavyweight cotton, making it a sturdy shirt while still feeling soft to the touch. It comes with a rectangular pocket on the breast and was designed based on other vintage looks from J. Crew. The shirt comes in four neutral colors.

Mango: Mercerized Regular Fit T-Shirt

Mango is a clothing retailer founded in Barcelona, Spain that focuses on producing clothes inspired by its Mediterranean roots. They create modern clothes for women, men, teens, and kids, and have also released a home essentials line.

They prioritize intriguing fabrics without sacrificing customer comfort. Mango is dedicated to environmental sustainability and has pledged to use more ethical materials in the future. Their Mercerized Regular-Fit T-shirt comes in a regular fit as the name describes. It’s a simple, lightweight fit for the wearer.

This T-shirt is created with 100% sustainable cotton fabric, and a unique plus is that the fabric has been mercerized. This means it has been washed and treated in order to reduce shrinkage and changing shape as you wash it, and this special treatment also gives the garment a soft, almost shiny finish.

The T-shirt is categorized under Mango’s Committed products. This means the garment has been produced in a sustainable way, either through the process of production or because of the fabric itself (or both). The shirt comes in four neutral colors and in a range of sizes from S-XXL.

Amazon Essentials: Crewneck T-Shirt

Amazon is a global technology company that has now expanded to sell virtually any product a customer could ask for. In terms of clothing, Amazon acts as a platform for clothing retailers to sell their garments, but now the company also produces their own items of clothing.

These pieces fall under the Amazon Essentials line, such as their Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-shirt. This shirt comes in a regular fit, but is a bit on the looser side for ensured comfort. The style is a bit longer, so there is no need to size up if you’re looking for plenty of length.

The shirt comes in a 2 pack, with a wide array of color options that you can mix and match. For the solid colors, it is made with 100% cotton, and for the heather colors, the material is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The fabric is a bit thinner than other options without being see through, and still feels soft on the wearer even after many washes. The sizes range from XS-XXL.