The Old Money Aesthetic For Men

The ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ is a fashion trend for men that incorporates features of old school American preppy fashion and modern looser silhouettes.

Before we get to the actual style, we have to set some prerequisites on who this style works best for and when you should opt for this type of style in terms of setting and season.

This is a style that can work in both warmer weather and the colder seasons. When the weather is warm you would mainly incorporate loose linen shirts, simple chino shorts and pants, clean minimalistic sneakers, etc.

When the weather gets colder, layering will be key. Think puffer vests and cashmere sweaters.

Old Money Hairstyles

The style also works best with clean cut short hairstyles or medium length hairstyles that can both be slick or a bit of “deliberate messiness”.

A classic example of a longer to medium hairstyle is Patrick Bateman’s hair in the movie “American Psycho”.

Regardless, for any of these hairstyles – you’re going to want high quality hair products.

  • If you want a nice, clean, flow – something like flow serum is a must have.
  • If you want a sleeker more textured hairstyle, get a styling paste.

Here are some other hairstyles that work great with the old money aesthetic:

Old Money Aesthetic Outfits

The outfits for this aesthetic can be broken down into pieces, but really they only work when all the pieces work together. Here I’ll give you a few examples of outfits you can take inspiration from.

How To Look Old Money

Take a good note of the color pallets used in these outfits: the tops are almost always a muted and inoffensive color (eg: white, baby blue) and the bottoms are also neutral colors (white, khaki, etc). The way to look old money is by understated, high quality pieces in synergistic muted colors, with impeccable grooming.

Old Money Aesthetic Clothing Brands

So you’ve got the vibe of the style down. You’ve got the hairstyle, and you have a good idea of how the outfits for this look are supposed to look like, now you just need some brands that offer clothing that is similar to this style. First we’ll start off with some classics:

Collars&Co – Timelessly stylish clothing

L’Estrange London – A simplified wardrobe for men

Aurèlien – Mediterranean style old money

Local Rule – Swedish old money brand

Luca Faloni – Italian – Screams luxury old money. Great linen shirts.

Mango – A newer brand that’s always on top of trends

Oliver Cabell – Premium old money sneakers. Italian made

JAK Shoes – Portuguese Leather Sneakers

For a lot more similar brands, check out our brands section.

OId Money Clothing Items

Below are some basic items you should get to pull off the look.