Trendy K-pop Hairstyles for Men

Renewal may come in many various ways. One of them is to experiment with your hair and differentiate yourself from the others. Instead of the traditional values ​​of masculine styles, such as the buzz cut and the curtain bangs, what would you say if you came out of the comfort zone and made a choice based on winter hair trends? Some of them are bold, others have a nostalgic mood, and those range in more traditional pants.

Specifically, South Korea has long been one of the well-known trendsetters in the world of beauty, fashion and cosmetics. Influenced by the Korean Pop culture, a wide range of K-pop hairstyles are still gaining acceptance in the western world. From the undercut without shaving to the side to the long frame and the cult mule, these haircuts are the biggest trends of the season. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Undercut with a Twist

Opt for a classic undercut with a twist. If you want to combine a timeless cut with a modern approach, then this one is for you. This hairstyle is characterized by shaved sides and medium or short-length hair in the middle. As for the top, you can keep it classy by leaving it all black or adding highlights and white-blonde color on top for a more edgy look.

Two-Block Haircut

Originally this haircut came from Korea, and it is similar to the undercut, where the back and sides of the head are trimmed or shaved back while the top is longer. With a rounded fringe at the front, you can easily rock this style! Stay away from it if you have a round face shape.

Bowl Cut

Go for a bowl cut-inspired look if you want a nice alternative to a two-block haircut. Add a pastel color on the top, like a peach or a green-blue, to make it more trendy and fresh. The lighter blonde shade will make your eyes pop and your face seem more angular.

Curtain Βangs

This k-pop hairstyle creates a bold and dashing look and suits most face shapes. You only have to grow long hair on the top and create a middle part. Ideal for those who want to frame their face with a modern haircut and cover their forehead with long bangs.

Modern Pompadour

Looking for a perfect combination of classic and trendy hairstyles? Try a modern pompadour, high over the top and sides of the head. If you want to take it one step further, play around with colors and chunky highlights.


K-pop stars particularly favor this hairstyle since it’s so easy to maintain. It’s a great option for those who grow their hair between short and medium length. It is considered an updated version of a two-block haircut that requires short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. In this style, the textured fringe has been brushed to fall on one side and can be dyed to a pearl platinum color for a modern twist.

Messy Tousled

For men who already have medium-length curly hair, this version may be great for you. Give an edgy haircut to yourself that will draw all the attention while making you look sharp and put together. Style your hair in layers of soft ringlets with a messy side parting.