Best Short Hairstyles For Men

I’ve had all types of hairstyles throughout my life, and nothing really beats getting up out of bed, and just having an easy to style and maintain short haircut.

By virtue of these hairstyles being…short, it means it’s going to enhance your facial features. If you have big ears, they will look bigger, if you have a big nose, it’s going to look bigger, which is why it’s important to pick the right short hairstyle to not only enhance but also balance out your features.

Here is my list of the best short hairstyles for men in 2023.

The Gentleman’s Cut

The Gentleman’s Cut is the epitome of classic refinement in the world of men’s hairstyles. It’s a cut that speaks of maturity and a sharp sense of style without trying too hard. Picture Don Draper from Mad Men, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the look.

Styling the Gentleman’s Cut: Styling a Gentleman’s Cut is pretty straightforward. You’re going to need a good comb and some high-quality hair product, like pomade or wax, to get that sleek, polished look.

Who Does it Work Best For? While the Gentleman’s Cut is pretty versatile and suits a wide range of men, it particularly shines on those with round faces. Why? Because it adds a bit more length to the face, helping to balance out the roundness.

But don’t let that limit you! It also works well on men with thicker hair because the extra volume can hold up the style well.

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is the ultimate in low-maintenance, clean-cut style. It’s characterized by hair that’s clipped very short, typically all one length, using clippers.

Styling the Buzz Cut: The beauty of the Buzz Cut is its ease of styling – or, should we say, the lack thereof. Since the hair is cut so short, there’s typically no need for styling products. Just wake up and you’re good to go! Talk about the perfect cut for guys who want to hit the snooze button one more time in the morning.

Who Does it Work Best For? The Buzz Cut is versatile and looks good on most face shapes. However, it really shines on men with well-defined facial features, such as a strong jawline, high cheekbones, or a prominent brow ridge. This is because the simplicity of the haircut draws attention to the face.

Textured Fringe

The Textured Fringe is a hairstyle that gives off a modern and casual vibe. The hair on top is kept longer to create the “fringe” that falls over the forehead, and it’s typically textured to add some movement and dimension. The sides can be kept short or long, depending on personal preference.

Styling the Textured Fringe: To style a Textured Fringe, you’ll need a bit of product (think a lightweight styling cream or texture spray) to keep your fringe looking its best. Apply the product to damp hair and then use your fingers to create the desired amount of texture in your fringe.

If you’ve got naturally wavy or curly hair, even better! The texture of your hair can add some extra interest to your look.

Who Does it Work Best For? The Textured Fringe is a great option for guys with larger foreheads since the fringe can help balance out proportions. It’s also an excellent style for those with round faces, as it can help elongate the face.

This style can work with most hair types, but it particularly shines with hair that’s got a bit of natural wave or curl to it for that added texture.

Low Taper

The Low Taper is a slick and versatile hairstyle where the hair gradually decreases in length from the top of the head down to the nape, with the shortest length around the ears. It’s like the middle child of the fade family – not as drastic as a high fade, not as subtle as a low fade.

Styling the Low Taper: Styling a Low Taper is pretty simple. You can wear the top as you prefer, maybe add some pomade or gel to keep things neat and polished or let your hair’s natural texture shine. Depending on the length on top, you can rock it as a comb-over, slicked back, or even with a bit of a messy touch.

Who Does it Work Best For? The Low Taper cut is a fantastic option for guys with square or rectangular faces. The gradual change in length can help soften the sharp angles of the jawline and add a bit of curve to the overall face shape.

It’s also a top pick for anyone with a good hair volume as the tapering showcases the density and texture in a subtle way.

French Crop

The French Crop, also known as the Crop Top haircut, is a style that’s been popular across Europe for years and has seen a recent resurgence worldwide. It’s characterized by short hair on the back and sides with a longer, straight-cut fringe on top.

Styling the French Crop: To style a French Crop, you’ll need a bit of product, like a matte pomade or clay, to give your hair some texture and hold. Apply it to the top of your hair, and then use your fingers to create a textured, messy look in the fringe. It’s all about achieving that casual, effortless vibe.

Who Does it Work Best For? The French Crop is a killer choice for guys with round faces. The straight-cut fringe can add some structure and balance out the roundness of the face, giving you a more angular look.

This style is also great for men with thin or thinning hair, as the layered look on top can give the illusion of volume. Plus, the maintenance is relatively low, making it a solid choice for any guy who wants a stylish, easy-to-manage haircut.

Mid Fade

The Mid Fade is a modern hairstyle where the hair starts tapering in the middle of the sides and back. The hair on top remains longer, providing a sharp contrast that gives the style its unique appeal.

Styling the Mid Fade: Styling a Mid Fade depends on the length and texture of the hair on top. You can slick it back, comb it over, or let it loose and messy. The use of a good pomade, gel, or styling cream can help maintain the style throughout the day.

Who Does it Work Best For? The Mid Fade is particularly flattering for guys with round or oval faces. The faded sides and longer hair on top can add a bit of height to the face, helping to elongate it and balance out the roundness.

It’s also an excellent option for men with thick hair, as the contrast between the faded sides and the voluminous top can be quite striking. However, with the right styling, it can work for men with thinner hair as well.

Wave Cut

This style involves trimming the hair to a short length and then styling it so that the natural curls form a wave-like pattern across the scalp.

Styling the Wave Cut: Styling a Wave Cut requires some dedication. First, you need to start with damp hair, then apply a good amount of pomade or wave cream. Using a wave brush, you brush your hair in the direction of your natural curl pattern (this usually means brushing forward and down on the sides, and backwards on top). To get those waves popping, it’s all about brushing and maintaining moisture.

Who Does it Work Best For? The Wave Cut is perfect for men with tight, coiled, or curly hair. The natural texture of the hair is what creates those distinctive wave patterns. This style can work with a variety of face shapes, but it looks particularly good on men with oval or round faces, as the waves can add some structure and contrast to the softness of these shapes.