Men’s Outfits For Different Types Of Job Interviews

There are many aspects of a job interview that are very important, however, the way you dress is one of the key elements in the final decision for a vast majority of companies.

It only takes a few seconds for a stranger to formulate an opinion of you, positive or negative, based solely on your appearance.

Remember to first research the company you’re applying for the job, to understand the dress code you should go for.

It’s better to stick with a more conservative look than wearing a fancy, loud that distract the others.

These are some easily put-together looks that can guarantee you a good first impression on a job interview.

Formal Dress For Interviews

Suiting up for a formal interview is always a safe option. A solid navy blue or a dark, grey suit would be ideal, with a matching tie skinny or regular. Remember the fit is the key, so you may have your suit tailored. As for shoes, go with a nice, shiny pair of dress shoes with simple socks in solid colors like black or dark brown. Make sure your belt and shoes match in color and finish, leather is a great option.

Remember: When you sit down for the interview, unbutton both buttons.

Business Casual

A wide range of companies would require a business casual look. This would include a nicely collared shirt layered under a cashmere sweater or a cardigan and slim well-tailored trousers like chino pants. Another option is a sport coat/ blazer, a shirt with a tie styled with chinos. With casual companies, jeans are perfectly fine, you just want to dress them up. For example, add a collared shirt with a vest and the top button undone for a more casual feeling. For shoes, go for a casual but refined pair of chukka shoes or leather Chelsea boots.

Casual Dress For Interviews

Many companies today would not identify themselves with a formal look. Those include startups, tech companies etc. You could wear straight-fit jeans in dark color (avoid ripped jeans), a button-up shirt/ denim shirt and a minimal well-made jacket or coat on top. Prefer loafers instead of sporty sneakers.