The Modern Low Fade Hairstyle For Men in 2023

The low fade has gone through many evolutions but it remains a staple men’s hairstyle for many reasons, the main one being it’s versatility.

You can rock a low fade with a short french crop for a much shorter and cleaner look, or you can let the top grow out and either flow it backwards for a more pompadour style look or have it flow forward for a modern ‘tiktok’ hairstyle look.

The versatility of the low fade is unmatched. Compared to a high fade where it really only looks good when it’s either buzzed or much shorter on top (having long hair on a high fade gives you that dreaded pineapple head look).

Low fades also work amazing for all types of hair, straight hair, curly hair, etc. They also look great on all ethnicities, whether you’re white, asian, black, indian, etc.

Modern Low Fade

If you want this hairstyle, simply tell your barber you want a low fade or a “low drop fade”. Make sure you specify what length you want on top. It’s better to keep it longer and tell your barber to chop an inch or two off if you’re not feeling it than to go too short.

Make sure to download and take one of these low fade inspiration pictures to show your barber exactly what you want. If you don’t want it skin faded, go for a 0.5mm fade instead.