Look Better Than 99% Of Men With Just These 3 Items

It’s no secret that there is a large population of men that could not care less about style and fashion. In fact, in a lot of environments and cultures, the expectation of men taking care of themselves has steadily dropped over the years.

This actually offers a huge advantage to any guy that wants to give a damn about his appearance.

The bar for dressing well is so much lower for men that doing just about anything above the bar makes you look like a god damn superstar.

When your regular joe wants to start dressing better and starts doing his research, he’s confronted by so much information that it gets overwhelming very quickly.

2000 word style guides, graphs and infographics on wearing the right colors, 40 rules for wearing a suit, 4 different dress shoes you need for events you’ll go to once every 5 years, etc, etc.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can look better than 99% of men with just 3 clothing items. It really is that simple. 

Well Fitted High-Quality Plain T-Shirt


Let me correct that, a HIGH-QUALITY, plain t-shirt. You want something heavy and well made, something your nipples won’t show through because they’re so lightweight (Looking at you H&M).

You already know about the budget options like Uniqlo, Mossimo, and Kirkland and they will work fine but if you really want to step it up I high recommend brands like Reigning Champ, Wings + Horns, and John Elliott. With these brands, you’re getting the best materials, cuts, and construction without the huge designer markups. Well worth it.

Classic Pair of Boots


You want a sturdy pair of boots that will set you apart from the everyday sneaker wearing crowd. High-quality boots don’t come cheap, I won’t bore you with details, here are a few pair of boots I highly recommend, they’re all A1 in terms of looks and quality.

Streetwear Style Boots

If you prefer a more streetwear look, these are the cream of the crop.

Pair of Blue Jeans


Literally just finished an article on the best jeans for men, so check that out, it’ll take care of you nicely.

With these 3 items, you can create a simple outfit that will have you looking more stylish and fashionable than most guys you will encounter day-to-day.

The best thing about these items? They make an excellent foundation for your wardrobe.

Your next items can be outerwear (Denim Jackets, Leather Jackets, Hoodies, Sweaters), more High-quality tee shirts in different colors and materials, more footwear, maybe an athletic sneaker, a different type of boot, different cuts and styles of jeans, different colors.

The possibilities are endless, it’s like the growth of a tree, you will start to branch out to things you like and develop a personal style that kicks ass.