These Are The Only Winter Jackets & Coat Styles You Will Need In 2022

Buying a winter jacket or coat for the cold months doesn’t have to be a boring run-of-the-mill purchase.

When chosen thoughtfully, your outerwear collection can be stylish and functional.

Keep scrolling to discover the best winter jackets and coats that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Raincoat Jackets For Men

For a lot of us, the beginning of winter also means more rainy days. You want to look for something lightweight practical that you can easily pop on top of any outfit to protect you from the rain.

Thus, you should own a quality raincoat or any other water repellent coat, that will help keep your suede and other delicate garments nice and dry.

You can either stick to neutral colors to keep it versatile or if you want to have a little more fun, pick a bold color and shine some light on a rainy day.

Raincoats are an excellent place to make a statement because they tend to have a wide range of available colors.

Overcoat Jackets For Men

One of the most classic pieces of men’s outerwear! An overcoat is light enough that you can wear it in fall when the temperatures are still mild and warm enough that you can wear it in winter over a bunch of other layers.

The key is to get this sizing right. Opt for a boxy silhouette that allows you to wear several layers underneath.

Style a t-shirt with wool pants, add on a chunky knit, a thin jacket, and the overcoat on top of it.

The ultimate outfit that will make you look sharp and keeps you warm for those winter days.

Basic colors like black, camel, gray, or navy work very well with overcoats. They are pretty versatile and can be styled with most outfits.

Fleece Jackets For Men

On to the warmer jackets, fleece is becoming incredibly popular nowadays.

You’ll find this material used on everything, from over shirts to hoodies in different colors and patterns to mix it up and make a statement.

Color-wise, go for a tonal outfit playing with different shades of the same color as the fleece or contrast it completely with a bold color like an orange fleece on top of navy pinstripe pants.

Lined Trucker Jackets

The line trucker jacket is a perfect choice for denim lovers who just don’t want to get rid of your trusted denim jackets, even when the temperatures hit sub-zero.

Just add a Sherpa or fleece lining and you got yourself the warmer upgraded version of the denim jacket.

But it’s important to know that trucker jackets are not restricted to only denim, you can also find them in other materials like corduroy, wool or cotton.

Pro tip: Since these types of jackets are often quite stiff and you have the bulk of the lining inside on top of it, avoid anything too chunky underneath think more fine wool or cashmere sweaters.

Whether you go for denim or corduroy, a classic fit or something oversized, the line trucker jacket is definitely a staple for your winter wardrobe and with all the different styles out there you can be sure you’ll find one that suits your taste.

Puffer Jackets For Men

It is by far the most functional trend of them all ⁠— a good puffer jacket will keep you warm under all circumstances.

If you have one in a neutral color, you can wear it just as easily on top of your office suit with a chunky knit and boots for a sophisticated look.

Or with white pants, an oversized sweater underneath and chunky sneakers for a street casual look.