9 Fashion Tips To Help Men Look Taller

Have you ever seen two people in public that are around the same height but one just seemingly looks taller? At least perception wise?

Dressing well is all about giving off a certain perception. Some people want to project an image of success so they dress to give off the perception of money. Some people want to look tough and edgy so they’ll dress to give off that vibe.

Dressing to look taller is no different, there are a ton of different ways you can ‘hack’ your wardrobe to make you look taller. Simply avoiding some fashion pitfalls can also help you too.

Here are our 9 ways to for a man to look taller tips.

Table of contents
  • How to Look Taller
    • Wear high-rise pants
    • Avoid long coats
    • Dress slimmer
    • Monochrome outfits
    • Darker colors on the lower half / lighter on top
    • Vertical patterns
    • Shoes with a heel sole
    • No long shirts
    • Well fitted / boxy jackets are your best friend

Wear High Rise Pants

It’s quite simple, when your pants are hanging off too low from your waist, it gives the illusion of shorter legs thus a shorter stature. Opt for a pair of high rise jeans – these not only look better, but also give off the perception of longer legs.

No Coats Past Thighs/Knees

Always remember this golden rule – never have a coat, be it an overcoat or otherwise, go past your thighs or knees. When a coat is too long, it can make even the tallest of guys look shorter and more childish.

Dress Slimmer

Dressing slimmer in general is one of the best ways to get that “lanky” tall look. If you dress too baggy, it looks childish so not only does it give the illusion of being shorter, it also gives the perception of being not well kempt and immature. Dress slimmer!

Monochromatic Outfits

Now dressing in monochrome doesn’t just mean always wearing an all black outfit. You can opt for neutral colors that are similar and not exactly a like. A pair of dark denim jeans with a navy jacket will achieve the same results.

Darker Bottoms / Lighter Tops

Another little hack for your wardrobe is to always make sure your pants are shades darker than your top. Navy, black and grey pants will make you look taller and a lighter top will give you a break in the outfit that helps with the look.

Vertical Patterns

This is a basic concept in imagery and photography in general – vertical lines will lengthen the subject. Use this to your advantage, anytime you’re looking to wear something with some patterns, make sure they’re vertical.

Shoes With a Heel Sole

We love our flat bottom shoes like Converse and Vans, but a pair of shoes that have a bit of heel in the sole will easily give you up to an inch or two of extra height. Not sure what kind of shoe to wear? Check out our article on shoes that give you height.

Well Fitting T-Shirts (No Long Shirts)

With the principle of dressing slimmer in mind, make sure your tees aren’t on the long end. T-shirts that end around the waist that can be tucked in will always make you look taller than a long-tee.

Well Fitted Jackets (Boxy Fit)

Boxy jackets whether they’re your favorite denim jacket or a general bomber jacket can be a hit or miss. Make sure you always opt for a boxy fit that is well fitting – that’s key to making sure your jacket makes you look taller.