The Grunge Aesthetic: Outfits for Men

In the early 90s, Marc Jacobs began to incorporate a grunge aesthetic into his collections. Some of the most iconic grunge clothing pieces – plaid shirts, army boots, and graphic tees soon gained acceptance and became fashion staples. Other famous designers such as Alexander McQueen and Virgil Abloh continue on the same path, bringing these elements into their collections.

Over the last few years, there has been a ”renaissance” of grunge aesthetic not only in runways but also in any thrift store or vintage shop. From rockstars and A-listers to young men and college students, there is a new fusion of punk rock and grunge style.

Here are some of the most inspiring grunge outfits to copy right now!

Mellow Grunge

This type of grunge fashion is all about combining edgy pieces with softer ones, creating a captivating contrast. The silhouettes are oversized and pretty soft without any harsh lines or rigid structure, while the colors are muted and sometimes in pastel tones. There is a complete absence of intention that gives a cool, effortless vibe. The key is to throw on lighter colors on top to soften up the look and keep the inside in darker shades.

Opt for a knitted cardigan or sweater and ripped jeans. Finish the look with combat boots and a nice knitted beanie. In this aesthetic, the color palette is very subdued and grounded earth tones like moss green and sand and muted or washed out colors. Those colors are used in conjunction with jet black, gray, and white.

Punk Grunge

This is all about vintage pieces and putting together an old-school grunge look that it’s timeless and edgy. Opt for a band tee, ripped jeans, a plaid shirt and black Doc Martins boots. Punk grunge is a little more intense than other grunge styles, with darker colors, dangling chains and bold accessories.

Street Grunge

In terms of street fashion, grunge staples are combined with oversized, baggy clothes. Try to add eye-catching sneakers, chunky gold jewelry and leave the hair messy and tousled.

Patterns & Materials

The hallmark of this aesthetic is going to be plaid. However, there are also other patterns like small to medium horizontal stripes as well as floral prints. Materials include flannel, denim, woven cotton, and sometimes even leather.


For a warmer day, go for a band tee of your favorite band with a plaid flannel or checked shirt on top unbuttoned. If you are not big on bands, you can try a shirt with a print. They are typically white or black and ideal for a complete retro look! You can wear them loose or tie them around your hips – it’s entirely up to you. Look at second-hand or thrift stores and you will find real gems. Prefer one in a faded color that’s more easily to style it up.


There is no grunge without ripped jeans. From ripped jeans to oversized baggy pants and cargos, grunge is associated with heavily washed darker tones such as black and grey. If you want to give a Curt Cobain touch to your look, then opt for skinny ripped jeans and a Breton striped long-sleeved shirt on top. Finish with Converse high tops and a distressed leather jacket on top.