Underrated Men’s Clothing Brands

So, initially when I had the idea to write an article on underrated clothing brands, I thought it would be simple – I’d use my personal experience and also a ton of research to uncover a bunch of brands that you guy’s probably hadn’t heard of, I’d make a simple top 10 list and we’d all be satisfied.

That’s not exactly how it panned out. Turns out, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Let me explain.

I want to take a moment and categorize men’s clothing brands and how I view them in my head.

Table of contents

The Big Guys

So one part of the big brands are high quality brands we all know and love. They’re brands like Uniqlo that offer pretty basic and in-style fashion pieces, they’re not super cutting edge or offer anything too wild that’s going to make you stand out, but you can find affordable, high quality pieces here.

Another aspect of the big guys is the fast fashion industry. Brands like H&M that offer the latest in styles, but aren’t the best in terms of quality. There are a lot of brands like this, and I won’t name them all but you get the gist.

The Designer

Designer brands, especially the ones that have been pushed down our throats in popular culture for ages (Gucci, YSL, etc) are another category of clothing brands. But one rung down the ladder of designer brands there exists a whole ecosystem of super cool designer brands that are usually the cutting edge of fashion, and also provide really awesome quality and pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

The ‘DIY’ Brand

I’ll be honest, I find this one a little annoying. It’s so easy to have your own ‘clothing brand’ nowadays, which is basically just a bunch of generic blank pieces with one poorly done ‘edgy’ design done in photoshop and plastered over every blank. Avoid these in my opinion, unless it’s your buddies or something.

The ‘I’ve never heard of it’ Brand

This is the money. There’s a ton of clothing brands out there, that have super awesome niche styles, made with passion and quality, that you’ve never heard of. These are the kind of clothing brands I want to uncover in this article, but at the same time – it’s super hard to make a comprehensive list of these brands. A lot of them might be local, a lot of them might have too niche of a style for someone looking at an article like this, etc.

But, this is what I really enjoy doing, so I thought I’d make this article and ongoing and always updated list of underrated men’s clothing brands. That means the brand list here can reach 1,000 brands or just 10, but anytime I find something worth sharing, I’ll add it here.

List of Underrated Men’s Clothing Brands

This is my list underrated brands I’ve found, I’ve tried to categorize them as best as I can. If you have a brand you want me to check out, email: outreach@onpointfresh.com.

Brand: ASKET

Style: Minimalist

Brand: Aurelien

Style: Timeless Mediterranean 

Brand: CDLP

Style: Luxury Essentials


Style: Modern Fashion

Brand: Foret

Style: Scandinavian Minimalism


Brand: ISTO.

Style: Luxury Essentials / Mediterranean 


Brand: JAK Shoes

Style: High Quality Leather Sneakers

Brand: L’Estrange London

Style: Minimalistic English


Brand: Luca Faloni

Style: Old Money / Luxury

Brand: Percival Menswear

Style: Modern Fashion / Timeless