The Soft Boy Aesthetic – Guide, Outfits, and Essentials

The soft boy aesthetic is a style of men’s fashion that is geared more towards guys that want to display their more sensitive side and artistic hobbies.

Many ‘soft boys’ are guys that are into things such as music, photography, art, philosophy, etc.

The aesthetic is actually quite easy to pull off and surprisingly very cheap on the wallet.

Here’s our guide on ‘How to dress like a soft boy‘.

Softboy Hairstyles

If you’re wanting to get the soft boy aesthetic down really well, you need to start with the hair.

The best way to achieve ‘soft boy hair’ is by growing it out to about a medium length, trimming the sides, and styling it in a somewhat messy way or in a curtains style or a tapered middle part.

Softboy Clothing Items

To get the softboy look you’re going to need a couple of key clothing items and accessories. Here is our basic list of items you should get if you want the look. If you’re wondering where to buy soft boy clothes, look no further.


Soft Boy Outfits

The following are a collection of ‘softboy outfits’ that you can take for inspiration.

Here are some takeaways you can learn from these outfits:

  • Opt for looser fitting pants like straight leg jeans, pleated pants, chinos, etc.
  • oversized vintage sweaters work great with this look, from brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, etc
  • Footwear can be quite varied, chunkier sneakers like Air Force 1s work, dad shoes like New Balance 530s, and also classic skate shoes like Vans are all acceptable
  • Overshirts are the name of the game. Neutral colors in browns and earthy colors. Slightly oversized fit. Overshirt + undershirt combo stays undefeated.
  • Looser fitting linen shirts are a great choice, especially in powder blue or striped.