9 Best Bomber Jackets That Elevate Your Outfits

In the fall or spring, it can be difficult choosing the right outfit for the weather. It shouldn’t be too bulky and hot, but it must protect from the brisk breeze. Nothing seems quite good enough – a hoodie is too casual, a blazer is too formal, and a puffer is just too warm.

It may seem like there’s no perfect option, but there is two that we love: denim jackets and the classic bomber jacket. Sturdy enough to protect from the wind and shade, but light enough to enjoy the sun, this item really does the trick.  However, the options for bomber jackets can be overwhelming.

Because the piece is such a classic, it seems like almost every clothes retailer has created their own version of the outerwear. We’re here to narrow down your options and help you find the best bomber jacket that fits your needs. 

What is a bomber jacket?

A bomber jacket is a light zip-up with a cinched waist and matching cuffed sleeves. Originally created to keep pilots warm without getting in the way of their work, the bomber jacket is a relatively simple piece of outerwear that has stood the test of time.

It gives an air of 1940s nostalgia while still being flexible to the latest styles and trends. The original jacket is the Ma-1, which is referenced by many brands. However, there are plenty of bomber jackets out there, each with their own special additions and changes. Here’s a guide on the best ones out there. 

Top Pick
Alpha Industries: MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries’ Ma-1 Bomber Jacket also comes in four colors — black, sage, replica blue, and gunmetal — and provides a bit of a sleeker look. It’s reversible and water resistant, with a savvy pocket on the upper arm. It also comes with inner pockets, and while the outside colors are more muted, the interior is a fun orange, making it easy to switch up your look. For $160, this jacket comes with plenty of modern amenities while still replicating its original muse.

Edwin: Tactical Bomber

Edwin’s Tactical Bomber is a bit of a different take on the classic jacket. This lined bomber gives more of a modern look, with clean lines and singular color option of black. The jacket has multiple pockets, some on the inside and one on the sleeve, and is made of 100% cotton. Edwin is a small business that ships to certain European countries, providing sustainability and a personal shopping experience, all while supporting an up and coming small business. For $350 US dollars, the Edwin jacket is worth looking into.

SchottNYC: Men’s Nylon Flight Jacket

The Schott Men’s Nylon Flight Jacket mimics the original Ma-1 bomber jacket of the 1940s, and comes in a variety of rich colors. Whether you choose to rock black, navy, sage, or burgundy, this zip-up provides extreme warmth to its wearer. According to its customer reviews, it’s well worth the $168. Additionally, Schott NYC dates back to the creation of the bomber jacket, giving a genuine vintage air. With the company’s incredibly fast delivery, this order is a no-brainer.

Banana Republic: Reversible Quilted Bomber Jacket

The Reversible Quilted Bomber Jacket by Banana Republic provides a more hearty twist on the jacket. With its quilted pattern and fun reversible color options (navy and charcoal gray, orange lava and exploration green, or olive came and tan), this jacket is very versatile. At $249, it has plenty of pockets, and gives warmth without being overwhelming or stuffy. This is a sturdy yet soft option, giving a homey, countryside vibe.

H&M: Bomber Jacket

H&M’s Bomber Jacket gives you another more simple, modern style, but with the advantage of a much lower price. Coming in at $35, if you’re still unsure if the bomber jacket is for you, this is a great way to try it out at low stakes. It comes only in black, and gives the wearer strong warmth with a liner. And, of course, it provides fun inner pockets. This lightweight jacket is a clean take on a classic.

A&F: Distressed Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket

Abercrombie & Fitch’s Distressed Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket combines style and sustainability into one piece of outerwear. With its distressed exterior, the dark grey zip-up gives the jacket a more edgy look than other styles on the market. Even though it’s (vegan) leather, the jacket is still lightweight and comfortable. At $160, Abercrombie & Fitch does a great job of providing a fashionable, environmentally friendly, and unique jacket option.

Nike: Satin Bomber Jacket

The Nike Solo Swoosh Satin Bomber Jacket sold at Nike gives a cool streetwear spin on the jacket, and comes with plenty of modern additions. This jacket is padded, providing extra warmth and the potential to wear it throughout the winter. It comes in a sleek black or olive color. This bomber also has a slight taper at the waist, which isn’t typical for the style, but works well. It’s the only option on the list that is made with satin, giving it a unique advantage.

GAP: Recycled Nylon Bomber Jacket

GAP’s Recycled Nylon Bomber Jacket is another sustainable option that gives us more of that vintage, classic look. The $128 jacket comes in two colors, black moss and true black. Additionally, customers have the option of ordering it in regular or tall fit, the only brand to provide that choice. It’s made of 100% recycled nylon, which gives a baggier fit. Whether you decide to dress this simple, reliable jacket up or down, you’ll be helping the environment either way.

Everlane: The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket (Uniform) by Everlane is decked out for your wearing comfort. It comes in two colors, navy and black, and has a variety of interesting additions. The jacket is water resistant, with two pockets that close magnetically at the waist and one that closes with a zipper on the sleeve. The front zipper is two-way and the fabric is mostly cotton, giving it a lighter feel than previous nylon or polyester makes. At $98, Everlane has a modern jacket equipped for all of your needs.