9 of the Best Men’s Blazers

Your friends want to try out a new bar for happy hour after work on Thursday but it’s more upscale than your usual spot. When you get dressed for work on Thursday morning, you realize you’re wearing the same button-down shirt and pants you always wear when you go out. After hurriedly searching your closet you realize you don’t have anything to help step up your game other than a suit (too formal for this happy hour). Thankfully, you work near a large mall and can run over on your lunch break. But what exactly do you need? Enter the blazer.

An informal version of the suit jacket, blazers are the perfect blend of casual and collected, relaxed and composed. Occasionally double-breasted but most typically single-breasted, blazers are the unlined and lightweight counterpart to their suit jacket cousins. More formal blazers can hold their own at work or a wedding and more casual blazers can go pretty much anywhere else you go!

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What is a Blazer?

A blazer is a type of outer garment that is typically worn by men. Blazers are usually made from wool or tweed, and are often worn with matching pants. Blazers are considered formal wear and the most common type of jacket for formal events.

Suit Jacket, Blazer and Sports Coat – Differences Explained

A suit jacket is a type of jacket that is typically worn with a suit. They are typically made from wool or have wool lining.

A blazer is a type of men’s coat that is usually made from wool, cotton, or polyester. It is heavier than a sports coat and considered more formal.

A sports coat is a type of tailored coat that has either one or two buttons and may be worn as part of dress attire or in a casual setting.

Types of Men’s Blazers

Worsted wool

Because of the meticulous way it is crafted, worsted wool is among the most expensive of fabrics and is typically worn with matching slacks. You’ll be hard-pressed to find smoother wool and wearing a fabric whose creases can uncrease themselves, well, it just screams sophistication.


Rougher than worsted, tweed is also wool but with more distinctive patterns and slight color variations. A tweed blazer can help you quickly level up – pair with color-coordinated khakis or slacks; or it can help you dress down – pair with jeans.


Along with wool, flannel is better suited for winter weather. If there’s someone you want to cozy up to, this is your best bet as its super soft texture follows the law of attraction!


An ancient textile made from flax fibers (mummies were actually wrapped with it), linen is well known for its breathability and is an iconic summer staple.


With its versatility, corduroy can accompany the preppiest of looks or give major 70’s vibes. It all depends on how you want to wear it.

Cotton twill

Like corduroy, cotton twill is on the warmer end of the spectrum and is better suited for fall or winter (pun intended). It’s also versatile and can add a dash of class to an everyday look.

Chino cotton

Lightweight and comfortable, a chino blazer is the ideal casual jacket for spring and summer. Wear it to a wedding with matching chino pants for an on-trend look, or step up your relaxed look by pairing it with jeans.

How to Wear a Blazer

Navy Blazer / Charcoal Dress Pants / Dark Brown Belt / Dark Brown Dress Shoes / Light Pink Dress Shirt

Navy is the original blazer color and is quintessentially classic. Feel free to borrow a jacket from your suit collection if it has a less formal feel (also known as “breaking” or “spezzato” in Italian – this is the art of mixing and matching your jackets and pants).

Grey/Charcoal Blazer

Grey Blazer / Checkered Dress Shirt / Dark Navy Chinos / Dark Brown Monkstrap Shoes

A grey blazer is perhaps the most versatile of all and a must for a modern capsule wardrobe. Pair with neutrals such as grey and white as well as coordinated blues.

Brown Blazer

Brown Blazer / Beige Dress Pants / Blue Dress Shirt / Dark brown Belt / Dark Brown Dress Shoes

Although they are just as versatile as grey, brown blazers pair especially well with other brown and cream tones (the official look of 2022) or with your favorite dark wash jeans. You’ll probably find brown-tone shoes go best when you wear this color.

Black Blazer

Black Blazer / Dark Grey Dress Pants / Black Dress Shirt / Black Dress Shoes

Unquestionably on the more formal end, black blazers are still flexible enough to be paired with beige pants for a semi-formal look, and with grey or black pants when you want to fancy up.

Blazer with Jeans

Dark Grey Blazer / Dark Denim Jeans / Black T-Shirt / Dark Brown Suede Chelsea Boots

Some people sweat off wearing any kind of denim with a blazer, other’s prefer the look as it’s the perfect way to wear a blazer casually. Here’s out thoughts: wearing a blazer with jeans is completely fine, as long as your wear it in the right context (casual settings) and you keep the denim a darker color.

Blazer with Sweaters

The blazer with sweater trend is the perfect combination of business and casual. It is a very easy way to look put together for work, while still being able to wear it on weekends. Just make sure you pick the right type of sweater. A classic crewneck works best in our opinion.

9 of the Best Men’s Blazers

J.Crew Slim-Fit Suit Jacket in Wool-Cotton Blend

A staple for the modern man, this grey blazer is on-trend right now for a reason. Slim-fit with sizes ranging from XS to XL, its softer, casual feel adds a subtle flair without being too overstated. For $276 it’s a good price for a trusted brand. And J. Crew’s new sustainability and Fair Trade commitment is something worth being a part of!

Mango Man 100% Linen Slim-Fit Blazer

Ringing in at £39.99 you can’t find a better buy. This classic linen blazer is sure to fit well and have you looking snatched! A fresh short cut means it works for taller or shorter kings. Mango’s transparency statement lets you know this item is part of its growing sustainable collection.

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Stretch Cotton Moleskin Sport Coat

Since 1818 Brooks Brothers has set the standard for men’s suiting. If you’re looking for a blazer that is tried and true, this bestseller will not disappoint. Made in Italy, its cotton moleskin fabric will have you feeling like a real gent. Perfect for an athletic or v-shape, it’s currently only $332.50 (50% off!).

SuitSupply Light Brown Havana Jacket

The tailoring and quality of this baby makes it the crème de le crème of blazers. A wool-cashmere blend from Italy’s famous Rogna mill, there’s a size for literally every body type – ranging from XXS to 4XL and coming in Short, Regular, and Long lengths. At a $499 investment, you’ll have a lifetime wardrobe piece. Oh, and a nod to SuitSupply for being one of Europe’s Fair Wear Foundation leaders.

Percival Nep Tailored Blazer

Currently 30% off at $210, the Percival Nep Tailored Blazer is a high-quality wool-polyester blend. Known for subverting the classics, Percival takes traditional pieces and gives them a lift while staying true to an understated look. Making strides towards environmentally friendly practices, this is an up-and-coming brand to wear with pride.