The Best Hairstyles For Older Men

The best hairstyles for older men embrace aging hair instead of trying to hide it. If you’re dealing with hair loss, greying, balding, thinning, or a receding hairline, the right haircut can make all the difference. 

It’s crucial to find a hair stylist that specializes in haircuts for men over 50. Someone experienced with aging hair can help you address these concerns. Plus, a good barber can help you find the best hair products for older men and teach you how to style your new cut correctly. 

Before hitting the barber, you’ll want to determine your main concerns or problem areas. Are you experiencing hair thinning? Do you want to disguise your greys or show them off? Are you looking for a haircut that hides a receding hairline? What about a bald spot? Whatever your concern, there’s a hairstyle that can conceal your worry spots in style.  

If you’re looking to leave the salon with younger, fuller-looking hair, check out the best hairstyles for older men below:

Short Haircuts for Older Men

Ivy League Haircut

Best for: Receding hairline

An Ivy League haircut, also known as a Princeton haircut is one of the best low-maintenance haircuts for men. The cut is similar to a crew cut, but the hair on top is left slightly longer in the front, allowing it to be parted to the side. For a tousled look, add texture by running a small amount of hair pomade through the top. 

Our Favorite: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Creme Contour ($29)

Bumble and bumble’s thick shaping creme is the best hair product for older men. The versatile paste can be used to add texture and volume to just about any short or medium hairstyle.

Crew Cut

Best for: Thinning hair

A crew cut is a no-fuss haircut that’s ideal if you are a low-maintenance kind of guy when it comes to your hair. It’s easy to maintain and requires little to no styling. Not only can a crew cut simplify your morning routine, but it can also help hide thinning hair.

Buzz Cut

Best for: Receding hairline

If you’re experiencing severe hair loss, a buzz cut is a sophisticated way to transition to fully bald. The close cut makes the hair you do have appear fuller and minimizes the areas where your hair loss is the worst. 

A buzz cut is also one of the best hairstyles for older men with facial hair. This close shave’s simplicity makes it perfect for showing off a silver stache or a salt-and-pepper beard. 

Medium Length Hairstyles for Older Men


Best for: Hair loss around the crown

With short sides and a longer top styled to your liking, a quiff is well-suited for a man who enjoys spending a bit of time on his hair. To create the quiff’s signature top, start by applying a bit of hair gel or mousse. Then, brush all your hair forward to create volume before you sweep it back. The height of your pouf depends on your personal preference. 

While the quiff may require more time in the mirror, it’s quite versatile when it comes to length. You determine how short to keep the sides and back and how long to keep the top. For a modern look, keep the sides closely cropped or add a subtle fade.

Comb Over

Best for: Hair loss around the crown

Comb Over

A comb-over is one of the most popular hairstyles for men of all ages. It’s sophisticated, modern, and perfect for hiding hair loss along with the crown. Like its name, the comb-over is created by parting the hair to one side and then combing it over towards the other. To avoid that dreaded comb overlook every man experiencing hair loss fears most, sweep your hair back at an angle instead of straight across.

Long Hairstyles for Older Men 

Medium-Length Layers

Best For: Straight, Curly and wavy hair

If you’re among the lucky few who aren’t experiencing significant hair loss or thinning, there’s no need to give up your long hair. The key is to add layers. Not only do layers add volume, making your hair appear fuller, but they also make your lengthier hair look intentional. 

Mid-length layers are great for older men who want to show off their curly or wavy hair. Keep the sides a bit shorter than the top to avoid losing definition around your face. After getting out of the shower, scrunch your hair with a bit of curl cream to lock in moisture and show off those curls.

Slick Back Length

Best for: Curly and wavy hair

If you’re looking for a longer hairstyle that’s still sophisticated, keep it chin-length or shorter. Adding a few layers helps to frame your face, and it makes your hair look thicker. With long hair, be sure to keep your facial hair well-groomed to avoid looking unkempt.  

Styling longer hair is surprisingly painless. A rugged look shows off your natural texture, leaves your hair down, and loosely swept back. If it’s long enough, try slicking it back fully.