6 Best Fade Hairstyles For Men

Few men’s haircuts look as fresh and stylish as the fade, which is the ultimate trend in the hairstyle. After all, it has been worn a lot in various versions, from David Beckham to Drake and Dominic Cooper.

Fade haircuts promote masculinity and give any man a modern, stylish look. Whether you choose a high, a mid, or a low fade haircut, there are so many variations of fade haircuts to try; it might be tricky to choose. Fade haircuts work for every hair type, from thin to thick and straight to curly.

Among the most popular you can ask for are high fade, low fade, skin fade, taper fade, scissor fade or drop fade. Keep scrolling to discover which fade haircut suits you the best and get inspired for your next hair appointment.

Undercut Fade

If you’re looking to level up your current look, consider trying an undercut faded hairstyle. Start very high on the head as a one-length cut, shortening the sides and back with fades. This type of haircut can narrow your face and flatter the best parts of your facial features. Slick back an undercut fade hairstyle if your hair on the top is long enough or leave it messy for an edgier appearance.

Skin Fade

Pair a men’s zero fade haircut with smooth skin on sides for a tapered look. If you love a super clean, high-contrast hairstyle, this one is for you. A skin fade haircut can be characterized by extremely short hair at the bottom to the point where the skin is visible, creating a high contrast with the top.

Taper Fade

Looking for a timeless, elegant haircut? Look no further than this look. A taper fade haircut is the perfect combination of a classic tapered cut and a modern, sharp look. Ask your barber for a haircut that gradually fades out to nothing and blends your hair down the sides and back. Leave the ends of your hair, around the hairline and neckline, longer than a traditional fade haircut. The result is in a clean-cut sharp finish that is slightly longer than a fade.

High Fade

For a rock, edgy look, go for a high fade haircut. If you want to stand out in any crowd, this haircut will emphasize on the top of your head since the blending starts very high and shortens on the sides and back. Whether you have long, medium or short hair on top, this hairstyle works great with everything.

You can combine a high fade haircut with many different styles, from a French crop to a modern quiff and a faux hawk. A high fade creates a visual contrast between short and longer areas, and it reaches up above the midway line between the temples and the tops of the ears. It’s a high-maintenance haircut that requires a lot of styling to look sharp.

Mid Fade

Find the ”sweet spot” between a high and low fade by choosing a mid-fade haircut. This type of look is ideal for men with thick hair. If you want to upgrade your appearance, opt for a haircut that works well in both office and casual settings. Ask for a mid-fade haircut that starts halfway up the head and goes very short at the edges, allowing some length around the crown. To make it more cool, you can pair it with skin fade, crop, pompadour or quiff.

Low Fade

One of the most popular cuts is the low faded. It’s perfect for those seeking a business, sleek, tapered hairstyle. If your hair is straight and thin, the low fade cut is the ultimate choice for you. It accentuates your jawline and your facial characteristics, as it pairs really well with a long full beard. The low fade starts low on the head and curves around the hairline down to the neck. Compared to the average short haircut, a mid-fade hairstyle will last you longer and will require a little maintenance.