11 Style Tips To Become a Better Dressed Man

Below are 9 style tips every guy should take into consideration! Whether you’re new to dressing better or a seasoned fashionista.

Tip #1: You don’t have to buy expensive clothing to look good. The important part of style is knowing how to coordinate your clothes. Trends come and go but everything has a foundation it builds on.

Tip #2: “I don’t have fashion sense” – Calling fashion a sense implies it’s an inborn talent as opposed to something you can learn.

Dressing fashionably is just a matter of cultivating your appearance to give you a desired outcome. People we deem fashionable are aware of how to choose clothing that will enhance or balance certain attributes.

Eg, someone that wants the appearance of longer legs or to balance out a round face knows how to use clothing to get the look they want.

Tip #3: Start from the bottom up. Most guys make the mistake of buying new shirts and jackets, but the foundation of your clothing journey should always start with pants. What kind of pants though?

The holy grail of trousers: slim fit black jeans

When you’re looking to dress trendy, always take the following into account – calm maturity.

Calm maturity has always been a huge charm for men’s fashion specifically. It’s why the most iconic clothing for a man is the suit, but we obviously don’t wear suits everyday, so we attempt to recreate that “calm maturity” in other ways, hence slim fit black jeans.

A pair of slim fit black jeans have the slender and dark look element of a suit but can be paired with casual pieces to give off a trendy vibe. Perfect!

Tip #4: All men should strive for a mature look when trying to be trendy and the suit is the best symbol of a mature look.

The fundamentals of a suit is it’s monochrome color scheme, you can mimic this in your casual clothing to give off a more mature look.

Basic colors like black, white and grey are staples!

Tip #5: Matching the color of your socks and shoes with your pants blurs the break line and makes your legs look slightly longer. This is a great technique to give the appearance of a lengthier body.

Tip #6: The silhouette of your shoes should also be taken into account, sneakers like Converse and Vans work great with a slim fit pair of jeans because they’re a slender shape and synergize with your pants.

Tip #7: People new to fashion assume you need to dress flashy to be fashionable. This couldn’t be further away from the truth.  Loud designs often make you look childish while simplicity gives off a mature vibe (which is our goal!)

Tip #8: Who makes fashion trends? The general way most trends come into the mainstream is as follows:

  1. Fashion designers in places like Paris or Milan release a collection
  2. Some of these designs catch people’s eyes during runway shows
  3. Some fashion designers and brand owners take inspiration from these collections and incorporate it into their own designs
  4. Cheaper brands imitate them, which in turn even cheaper brands imitate those brands

All this together causes a trickles down into the mainstream aka “The shower effect”

Now that you know where trends come from, you can if you choose to pay attention to the source of the trends and build you aesthetic before anyone else!

Tip #9: Your neck, wrist and ankle are called your “3 necks” because they are 3 focal points where people’s gaze are drawn to. By controlling these 3 focal points you can easily influence a better impression.

Tip #10: You may have noticed in 2020 a lot of stylish guys are rolling up their pants which reveals a bit of their ankles. Doing this gives off a slender impression that when paired with a slim fit pair of pants synergizes for a simple stylish look. This is the power of the 3 necks!

Tip #11: White Shirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing, but they tend to dirty up super fast.

The most common way they get dirty is getting slightly yellowed around the collars. The trick here is to forego washing your white shirts with detergent and instead use regular hand and body soap! Why?

The yellowing is actually causes by the oiliness of your skin, and regular hand soap is made to get rid of this oiliness, so it works a lot better at cleaning white shirts than regular detergent.