6 Flirting Tips That Actually Work For Guys With No Experience

Maybe you’re new to the world of dating, or maybe you’re a late bloomer.

Whatever the case is dating can be hard and difficult, and flirting (much like knowing when someone is not interested) is a skill that is super important if you want to have any success dating.

Learning how to flirt is a skill that is usually honed by experience and going on dozens of dates, but as they say the mark of a smart man is knowing how to learn from the experience of others.

Here are a collection of flirting tips that are super simple, straightforward and most importantly – work.

1) Eye contact and shutting up when she’s talking

One of the most common advice you’ll hear in every facet of life is the importance of eye contact, and for good reason.

If you have trouble holding eye contact it’s a sign of low confidence and it’s a huge turn off.

Learning to be quiet when other’s are talking is also very important. A symptom of nervousness is cutting into the conversation too quickly and being jumpy – this looks rude even if you don’t mean it to.

Be calm, cool, relaxed – maintain eye contact and only talk when she’s finished talking.

Important: you can gauge her interest in you if she’s looking back in your eyes or not.

2) T&D – Tease and Disagree

When we want to get someone to like us, a lot of what pops into our heads as common sense is actually counter intuitive. For example, a lot of guys think if you want someone to like you, you should be super agreeable and “nice”.

Nothing will turn her off more than that though.

Teasing is paramount in having a conversation that is fun and enjoyable. Think about when you’re talking with a close friend – and how much you guys rib on each other. Teasing is similar, just toned down a bit.

Now this doesn’t mean you make fun of her for everything and disagree with her on everything – some guys take it the opposite direction too far and it comes off try hard and cringy.

Let your real personality and opinions shine through – even if they’re the opposite of hers. This sparks interest.

3) Using inside Jokes

Anything that you’ve talked to her about can later on be used as an inside joke.

This is a very good flirting technique because it builds rapport with her.

For example, if she’s a huge fan of pineapple on pizza, you can make that into an inside joke and call her pineapple head (ok that’s cheesy, but you get the idea).

Pretty much anything can be used as an inside joke so take advantage of it!

4) Use Statements instead of Questions

The difference between “is blue your favorite color?” and “you really like blue” is subtle but it makes a huge difference.

Asking too many questions can make you come off as meek and scared, and a little interviewed. But making matter of fact statements can make you seem more confident in how you’re perceiving her and this will raise tension and make her more interested.

5) Being Positive About Others

If you share mutual friends, coworkers or just see a random person that is wearing a funky hat down the street – always be positive.

Being positive about others is very attractive because it shows you’re not a grumpy nihilist, which is not attractive to most people.

6) Talking Slower

If you’re nervous and anxious, you tend to speak super fast to try and get all your thoughts out before you forget them.

Taking a deep breath and talking slower will calm your mind down, and show that you have more confidence in what you have to say.

Don’t be afraid to think when she asks you something, don’t be afraid of moments of silence.