Loose-Fitting, Wide Shirts Are The Trend Right Now

The wide-loose fitted shirt has recently gained a lot of popularity across brands. This is a look that lies across the shoulders and hangs down, using a lot of extra fabric.

This shirt is one of the many reactions to the new oversized trend that has been sweeping across men’s fashion over the past few years. However, this look offers a cleaner and simple take.

In a lot of ways it is comparable to the “bigger is better” trend of the 1980s. Trends often have an ebb and flow, the oversized trend is most likely a reaction against skinny jeans which reigned supreme for years prior.

It is also interesting to note the similarities between the wide-loose fitted shirts with a popular conservative Japanese trend that utilizes wide-leg pants, lots of layering and over-sized (but not baggy) clothes.

Recently, brands like Uniqlo have gained popularity in the states for their basic, polished silhouettes that follow this idea. That is just one example of the recent American interest in that type of Japanese fashion.

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What makes it appealing?

The wide-loose fitted shirts are starting to appear everywhere as the trend grows, but what makes the oversized look so engaging?

For one, the bigger the clothes the more fabric you need, so the more expensive and therefore exclusive. Besides that, there is something else attractive to oversized clothes and especially in the wide loose-fitted shirts specifically.

They frame the body in a way that subtly exaggerates the shoulders, and falls off the rest of the torso effortlessly.

The loose-fitted structure makes the look comfortably breezy, adding a layer of softness that balances nicely with broad shoulders.

There is something nonchalant about the look as a whole. It is a clean and simple look, the perfect mix of casual but still being put together.

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How to Style

The integrity of the wide-loose fitting shirt depends on following the straight, neat vertical lines that are created when the shirt hangs from the widest point; the shoulders.

Therefore, it is important to keep the pants of a similar style. We would suggest a straight pant leg that continues the vertical lines to complete the polished look.

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It also looks nice to keep the pants slightly loose to compliment the relaxed nature of the shirt. However, it is best to steer clear of paring the shirt with oversized pants.

This would not only make it look like you are swimming in fabric, but will distract from the clean silhouette that make the shirt so interesting. These shirts come in a lot of different styles from a T-shirt to a button up to a henley.

They also are found in various colors and prints. As there is a lot of diversity in the appearance of these shirts, there is no strict way to style them besides the basic color coordinating that you would usually do.