Stores Like Uniqlo – Alternatives to Uniqlo Brand

uniqlo alternatives

Uniqlo is a modern Japanese-based clothing company. This brand focuses on creating accessible casual wear and basic clothing items, and is available in almost every corner of the world. Uniqlo offers clothes for women, men, kids, and babies, and provide versatile options for any type of casual clothing.

The company is incredibly popular and well known, as their huge variety of clothing and lower prices are very attractive to customers. However, some criticisms of Uniqlo include dissatisfaction with customer service, shipping and handling issues, and the fact that Uniqlo is a fast fashion brand that doesn’t always ethically source their materials and production process.

While their clothes are stylish and the company has a huge variety of items, there are plenty of other retailers that provide a similar experience. Here are seven other online stores like Uniqlo where you can find similar items without headaches.

J. Crew

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J. Crew is an American apparel company that creates clothes and accessories for women, men, and children. Their products include a variety of categories, and they focus on classic pieces that still have that modern feel. Their signature garments are business casual, but over time they have expanded to feature more casual, everyday clothes as well.

J. Crew hosts a variety of categories, such as denim, T-shirts, sweatshirts, loungewear, sweaters, polos, and jackets. Some of J. Crew’s items that are most like Uniqlo’s clothing are their T-shirts, pants such as chinos and khakis, and casual jackets. Overall, J. Crew is an end destination for day-to-day basics like Uniqlo, but J. Crew’s quality is a bit higher, and their clothes typically last longer than Uniqlo’s. J. Crew has in-person stores around the world and ships globally.

Frank and Oak

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Frank and Oak is an apparel brand founded in Montreal in 2012 that focuses on sustainability and ethical fashion. The company creates clothing made for men and women, and it is known for high quality designs and production.

The company aims to create clothing that is timeless not just because of the style, but because of its lifespan and design. Frank and Oak has a multitude of categories, including sweaters, T-shirts, denim, sleepwear, and outerwear. Their button downs, sweaters, and shirts are most like Uniqlo’s, with much higher quality.

Frank and Oak also offers accessories and grooming tools. Overall, Frank and Oak has the style and appeal of Uniqlo, but with ethical practices and long-lasting clothing. The company has stores in North America and China, and offers worldwide shipping

Urban Outfitters

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Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle brand based in Pennsylvania that offers stylish clothing for men and women. The company is extremely popular among younger generations, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t rock clothes from Urban Outfitters.

The brand offers many men’s items, such as T-shirts, coats, activewear, pants, and footwear. Urban Outfitters is most known for their graphic T-shirts, denim lines, and vintage collection, which is where they collect and refurbish vintage clothing. While Urban Outfitters is overall a bit trendier than Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters offers a solid selection of basics that can be paired with truly any kind of outfit, just like Uniqlo.

Notably, the two brands are most similar in their T-shirts, jackets, and bottoms. Urban Outfitters has stores across the globe and ships worldwide, with frequent sales at the end of each season.


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Everlane is another great environmentally sustainable and ethical brand. Everlane is a California-based company that creates timeless yet modern pieces for women and men. The company also has a special denim line, as well as outerwear, polos, pants, and activewear.

Additionally, on their website you can search certain categories such as “Date Night” or “Spring Essentials” to help narrow down what you’re looking for.

Their chinos, shorts, and sweatpants sections are especially great Uniqlo alternatives. Everlane provides classy pieces with that slight European feel that are sustainable and timeless. Everlane has stores in the U.S. and ships worldwide.


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H&M is a global clothing retailer that makes casual, everyday wear for women, men, kids and babies, as well as home goods. Their clothing is trendy, sometimes a bit bold, and always adds to any outfit you wear. H&M offers a wide array of clothing, such as hoodies, jeans, shirts, sweaters, suits, activewear, undergarments, and swimwear.

The brand is one of the closest competitors for Uniqlo, as their clothing styles are very similar, although H&M has a slightly more European feel to their clothing compared to Uniqlo’s more Japanese style. The company has in-person stores around the world and ships across the globe.


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Topman is a men’s fashion brand based in the United Kingdom. Topman and their sister shop, Topshop, were recently bought by the brand ASOS in 2021. The now-branch of ASOS features very trendy, stylish clothing for men of all types, including knits, loungewear, jackets, jeans, and footwear. This clothing is geared towards more mainstream looks, so it’s a great place to look for a bit cheaper, trendier items.

Topman is similar to Uniqlo in their popular products such as patterned sweaters, vintage jackets, and baggy jeans. Topman is a bit more exploratory in their design compared to Uniqlo’s basic staples, so this is a great choice if you’re looking to go a bit bolder. However, Topman still offers must-haves, and they ship worldwide with a number of stores globally.


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GAP is an American apparel brand that creates timeless clothing for women, men and children. This company has been around for a while, having been established in 1969, which adds to the classic sophistication of even their most basic pieces.

GAP offers a huge variety of clothing, and also has certain “shops” on their website that you can browse.

These shops include “The Cozy Shop,” “The Logo Shop,” and “Matching For All.” Additionally, they have a shop for both tall and slim sizes. This makes the site easier to navigate than Uniqlo’s, although GAP mirrors Uniqlo’s simple basic clothing. GAP has several stores worldwide and ships all over the globe.