How to Get Younger Looking Eyes for Men

younger eyes

Whether you’re a 20-something looking to stop wrinkles before they happen or in your 40s trying to minimize wrinkles you’ve already got. It’s never too early to prevent aging skin!

One of the first places men notice signs of aging is around the eyes, where the skin is thinner and wrinkles more easily.

In this quick anti-aging skincare guide for men, we’re offering five simple tips on how to get younger-looking eyes. 

Stay Hydrated with Plenty of H2O


The simplest way to get rid of puffy eyes: drink more water! 

Adding a tall glass of H2O to your morning routine will not only help prevent puffy eyes but also revive dull, tired-looking skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. Not to mention that eight glasses of water a day will improve your energy level, digestion, and overall health. 

Puffy eyes can happen for a number of reasons like stress, crying, lack of sleep, high alcohol consumption, or even eating salty meals.

The swollen look you see in the morning is thanks to fluid retention and poor circulation due to dehydration. Staying hydrated helps flush these excess fluids and toxins from your skin. To make the most of your H2O, try adding at least one dissolvable supplement tablet to boost your daily vitamin intake. 

Our Favorite: Hum Nutrition Collagen Pop + Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets

Enjoy a Bit of Self Care with a Facial Massage

Facial Massage

Everyone deserves a little self-care. Adding a five-minute facial massage to your daily routine will leave you feeling relaxed and create younger-looking skin – especially around your eyes. Facial massages are a great way to improve circulation and skin elasticity. Squeezing a few minutes of self-care into your busy schedule will make a huge difference. 

For men, an eye massaging tool is the best way to ensure your time is worth the effort. Massage gently in an upward circular motion to counteract gravity and reduce wrinkles. In summer months, put your massager in the freezer for an added cooling effect! 

Our Favorite: Eyeonix Eye Massager 

Apply an Eye Cream in both the AM and PM

Men don’t need a complicated skincare routine to achieve younger-looking eyes. Adding an anti-aging eye cream to your daily routine is an easy way to improve the overall appearance of the skin around the eyes. Look for products with skincare expert-approved ingredients like caffeine and B vitamins. These ingredients help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Incase you didn’t know, the skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face, so you want to be extra gentle when applying products. To apply eye cream, dab a small amount of the product around your eye area with your finger. Massage the product gently in small upward strokes, taking care not to tug or pull at the skin around the eyes. 

Our Favorite: Kiehls Eye Fuel 

Use a Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen 

It’s no secret that sun damage prematurely ages skin. Sun damage (caused by harmful exposure to UVA and UVB) leads to an uneven skin tone and crow’s feet that make you appear older. 

The best way to prevent damage is by applying a daily SPF face lotion. It’s essential to use an SPF face lotion year-round, even if you plan on spending the day inside. Daily tasks like driving your car, walking your dog, or even working near a window can all leave you with sun-damaged skin overtime.  

When choosing a daily sunscreen, it’s important to find one that’s specially designed for your face. Drugstore sunscreens you slather on before the beach are often too greasy, clog pores and lead to breakouts. Find a sunscreen that doubles as a lightweight moisturizer instead. 

Our Favorite: Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Take Advantage of Tinted Moisturizers and Under Eye Concealer 

Makeup for men has become a growing trend in the beauty market. 

Unlike women’s makeup, men’s products are designed to be discreet. A hint of concealer or tinted moisturizer can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and brighten your under eyes. Though you may feel hesitant about men’s makeup, when applied correctly, no one will even notice you have anything on. 

If you’re trying makeup for the first time, you may feel a bit intimidated about what product to choose and how to apply it correctly. Head to a beauty specialty store like Sephora or Ulta and ask a beauty expert for help.

An expert can help you find the right product for your skin type and the right shade for your skin tone. Plus, they’ll offer helpful tips on how to apply the products correctly – and keep your look fresh all day long. 

Our Favorite: NARS Radiant Cream Concealer