How To Setup Dates From Dating Apps (And Not Get Flaked On)

So you’ve worked hard on your dating app profile, you’ve got great pictures, a witty bio and are matching with some cute girls.

Now as you’re charming them through text, you want to move the interaction into an actual date – here’s how to do it.

You’ve got a match!

So you’ve just matched with her and now you’re thinking of what to say. Maybe you already have a line or two you usually go to.

I recommend starting off with something simple and not too try-hard, eg:

Hey, what’s up? I love your vibe

This is a great way to open up the conversation because you’re complimenting the personality they’re trying to convey in their profile rather than just their looks.

From there you have a general conversation about pretty much anything. How their week has been, plans for the weekend, etc.

The Next Step

After a little back and forth you want to get her off the app and ask her out if she seems interested.

let’s get off this app and grab a drink, you down?

If they say yes, ask for their IG or Snapchat (depending on what you use / what they use).

Instagram is highly preferable because it gives her a look into your life, and a lot more photos to reassure them that you’re not a catfish.

It also works for you because you get to see into her life and make sure she’s also not a catfish.

Other features like posting stories, sending gifs, video chatting, etc also go a long way in keeping up with each other and avoiding getting flaked on.

If you notice they’ve stopped responding to you but still post stories and are active on IG, you know for sure they’ve lost interest and you can move on.

Once you’ve got each other on IG, it’s a good thing to keep the conversation going for a bit, an eventually set up a time and place for your date.

If the date is more than 2-3 days away, send a message the day before to confirm that the date is still on.

If she confirms, there’s a very good chance the date will be happening.

and that’s it! Using this guide I guarantee you will get flaked on less and have a lot more dates.