Skincare Guide For Men With Sensitive Skin

I have the most sensitive skin of anyone I know. I’ve even been told by a professional that my skin was more sensitive than most women she had treated.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying out products from a variety of brands. I’ve tried products from the local drug store to luxury products from upscale stores like Sephora.

I’ve also had a years long battle with trying to get a proper shave without my neck looking like a minefield.

So if you have a problem finding the proper skincare routine and getting a perfect shave without ingrown hairs on your neck, read on, I WILL help you find a solution.

1. Give up on ‘Exfoliation’

You might’ve heard of exfoliators, and even tried one yourself. If you have super sensitive skin like me, you don’t need to use ’em. If you shave your face like most dudes, you’re not going to get a better exfoliation than a razor to the face. (on the topic of razors, try out wetshaving, it’s a lifesaver for guys with sensitive skin)

2. Buy a simple facial cleanser

No fancy colors or scents. Just a simple, creamy, cleanser to watch your face with. No special ingredients like baking soda. My two favorites that have absolutely worked wonders for me are:

a) Nivea Men’s Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser

b) Jackblack Daily Facial Cleanser

TIP: If your skin gets ‘dry’ and/or ‘tight’ after using a cleanser, drop it. I used to think this was a sign that the cleanser was working but it just means your skin is not reacting well to it.

3. Get a strong and simple moisturizer

Once again you want something that’s easy and simple without too many unwanted ingredients. No fragrance, with SPF, absorbs easily and doesn’t leave your face greasy.

The best moisturizer I’ve found for this is:

a) Jackblack Moisturizer

How To Get Rid of Razor Bumps On Your Neck

This is a problem I’ve had forever. No matter how I shaved, what I used (a classic wetshaving razor) or a mach 3, or even an electric shaver, I’d end up with a minefield for a neck.

Here’s 3 steps to get rid of neck bumps forever:

1. You NEED to let the hair on your neck grow out.

What this does is help your neck recover from the ingrown hairs and bumps. It’s the bodys natural way of ‘rebooting’ the skin on the neck. Let it grow out until all the bumps are gone, this could take a few weeks.

2. Use a preshave oil and hotwater to soften the face and facial hair

This will help make the shaving process much smoother.

3. Map your facial hair direction and shave ONLY WITH THE GRAIN

Be mindful of the direction your facial hair is growing. It could be going up, down, sideways, in swirls, etc. Everyone’s facial hair is different, you might have hair growing 3 different ways on your neck, take note of it!

Hopefully this finally helps you fellow sensitive skin dudes out there!