The 3 Best Skin Care Products For Men (Simple Effective Routine)

So you’ve decided to start taking care of your skin.

Most articles of this nature would give you a list of 10 or 20 products that are outrageously expensive and expect you to figure out the rest.

We’re not going to do that. See, skincare doesn’t have to be difficult (unless of course you have certain skin conditions which require the help of a dermatologist)

But if you’re just a guy that wants to look better, and have clearer, nicer skin – a simple men’s skincare routine is all you really need.

Let’s begin.

The Simplest Skin care Routine + Products

If you just want to begin to take better care of your skin but don’t have any huge issues like acne and such, a simple routine is a great way to start.

Our routine consists of:

Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser is your basic face wash. The job of the cleanser is to remove all the excess dirt and oil that builds on your pores during your day to day.

Surprisingly a lot of guys don’t know how to use a facial cleanser properly. Here’s a short guide to help you out:

  1. Wet your face with lukewarm water – Not too hot!
  2. Lather and scrub your face in a small circular motion (very gently)
  3. Rinse with lukewarm water to get rid of all the stuff that just came out of your pores
  4. Rinse your face once more with cold water to cool the skin down and minimize the appearance of pores


Recommended Facial Cleanser:

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

Day time (AM) moisturizer with SPF

This one is pretty important. You want your skin to be nicely hydrated and moisturized, but the most important thing is you want protection from the sun.

Getting a day time moisturizer is absolutely essential because the sun will irreversibly age your skin over time. Start using this ASAP to stay looking younger.

Recommended AM moisturizer:

Cerave AM with SPF 30

Night time (PM) moisturizer

A night time moisturizer is not as essential as a day time, but it’s still very helpful to have.

If you’re prone to dry skin I highly recommend applying a night time moisturizer before bed. It will help improve the health of your skin overtime.

Recommended PM moisturizer:

Cerave PM at Night

With this simple routine, your skin should look and feel a ton better.

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive. Most skincare products use the same ingredients but the prices differ because of branding or who they’re specifically marketed to (men or woman).

The truth is, you can absolutely do fine with the cheapest products on the market. In-fact, they can usually be even better than the expensive ones because they don’t have extra perfumes and other junk.

The simple routine and products I listed above are very generalist, meaning they’re a great starting point for the average guy just starting to look after their skin.

Some guys will never need more than these 3 products, ever! But if you have other problems that you notice, such as acne, dry or oily skin, you will need to research deeper into your issues. I highly recommend the subreddit skincareaddiction.