Simple Daily Men’s Skin Care Routine and Products

skincare for men

Taking care of your skin is one of the most underrated, but necessary, things you can do for your looks, hygiene and wellbeing. Recently, having a huge, elaborate skincare routine has gained popularity, but you don’t need a 17-step routine to take care of your skin in the right way.

There are many benefits of having a good skincare routine, such as less acne, glowing skin and a sense of routine. And, of course, people are impressed when a man says he follows a skincare routine.

In this guide, we will cover how to begin a skincare routine if you’re a beginner, how to find the right products for your skin, and the basic routine you should follow. Here is the ultimate guide on creating a daily skincare routine.

Starting a Skincare Routine For Men

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when looking for the right products and process. There are a million skincare products out there, and an incredible number of professionals and influencers that claim their routines and products are the best.

Some products shouldn’t be used together, some should only be used on certain parts of your face, and others have different effects on different people. If you do your own research on a skincare routine, all this information will come to you at the same time, which can be an extreme overload. This is why we’re here.

The first step to starting a skincare routine is to figure out what type of skin you have, which is what you will base your products off of.

Types of skin

There are typically four types of skin:

  • Normal: Your skin doesn’t produce much oil, and stays relatively the same throughout the year without getting dry or irritated. You rarely have acne.
  • Oily: Your skin consistently has shine and produces oil regularly throughout the day. Acne is fairly regular for you and your skin never gets dry or patchy.
  • Dry: Your skin feels tight and dry, especially in the winter. You also might react strongly to chemical skincare products.
  • Combination: Your face has a T-zone, which is your forehead, nose, and chin. With combination skin, your T-zone is usually pretty oily, but the rest of your face fits the dry type of skin.

Once you figure out what type of skin you have, it’s much easier to accurately find skincare products that will help your skin achieve the look and feel you want. When you’re starting out, it’s best to stick to two main products: cleanser and moisturizer.


For a cleanser, oily skin types benefit from stronger chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, and dry skin types need lots of moisture and no harsh products. With the combination skin type, you might need multiple products. With the normal skin type, it’s best to stick to something simple that will keep your skin consistently clear and balanced


For a moisturizer, there are varying levels of intensities. For oily skin, you’d want a lighter moisturizer that doesn’t give your skin extra moisture and therefore oil. However, with oily skin, you still need to moisturize — if you strip your skin of that moisture, it will produce more oil. For dry skin, you’ll need a thicker and more hydrating product.

Men’s Easy Skincare Routine

Now that you have both your cleanser and moisturizer, here are the steps you should follow for your skincare routine.


You want to wash your face both in the morning and at night, usually right before you go to bed. However, twice a day is the maximum that you should be washing it, otherwise you will create excess oil and irritation. This step is where you will use your cleanser. While washing your face may seem self-explanatory, there are a few important steps to take.

How To Wash Your Face

First, you want to splash warm water on your face. The warm water will open up your pores which will allow the cleanser to work more effectively.

Next, you want to take a small amount of the cleanser and put it in the areas you are washing — for those with combination skin, that might just be on your T-zone. Make sure to lather your face well for 1-2 minutes, but be sure to rub in the cleanser gently so you don’t irritate your skin.

After you finish rubbing it in, rinse your face with cool water thoroughly. This closes your pores which prevents other bacteria affecting your skin.

For an extra step, you can choose to add a gentle face scrub a few times a week. This helps exfoliate the dead skin cells off your face, which can also make your shaving routine much smoother and less painful. You should only do a scrub 2-3 times a week so your face doesn’t get too irritated.


After washing your face, you’ll want to pat your face dry. It’s important to gently pat the water off rather than rub. Rubbing your face dry can cause extra wrinkles, irritation, and acne. Make sure to use a clean towel so you’re not putting bacteria and dirt back on your face after you’ve washed it.


After drying your face, you’ll want to come in with your moisturizer. You can experiment with how much moisturizer you use, but your face should feel refreshed and not overly slick. Moisturizing is extremely beneficial for keeping your skin hydrated and fresh. To prevent wrinkles, you can also moisturize your jaw and neck.

Further optional steps

While cleansing, drying, and moisturizing are the most basic steps for a skincare routine, you can also choose to add more steps once you adjust to the routine and find products that work for you. Some of these other products include daily sunscreen, eye cream for baggy or dark under eyes, and various serums.

Stay Consistent

The most important part of a skincare routine is keeping it consistent. Even with these three basic steps, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your skin if you consistently follow your routine.