The Goth Ninja Aesthetic

The goth ninja aesthetic is one of those underrated, underground styles that has risen in popularity and is actually quite easy to put together. This aesthetic is a type of streetwear that is inspired by a combination of techwear, futuristic, punk, and, of course, ninjas. The look is comprised of a lot of dark colors, slouchy and unique silhouettes, and funky additions to clothing items.

This style originated from a video game look and has evolved to become an avant-garde aesthetic that many people enjoy putting together. While you may not see the goth ninja aesthetic in everyday places, it’s a stylish look that anyone can rock if they find the right clothing.

Here is our complete guide to the goth ninja aesthetic, where we break down how to style this aesthetic, what to look for in clothing, and what types of specific items are best for this look.

How To Style:


Like we previously mentioned, the goth ninja aesthetic is primarily inspired by techwear with a touch of punk. That means clothing in both of these categories, combined in the same outfit, will create a great goth ninja look. While the goth ninja aesthetic may not be practical for running errands or showing up to work, it’s still a unique look that elevates your own aesthetic and closet.

The beauty of the goth ninja aesthetic is that you can choose how intense you want your outfit to be. Maybe you’re rocking an all-black outfit and you add a slouchy hoodie and spiked belt. Or, maybe you want to go all out and pack a punch with your goth ninja look. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll still be fitting in with this aesthetic, in the way that works for you.

What To Look For:

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Since the goth ninja aesthetic draws inspiration from multiple other fashion styles, and is ultimately a niche branch of streetwear, there are many specific items and additions you can look for when considering if an item of clothing will fit the look. The most basic recommendation is to stick with an all-black outfit.

Additionally, the goth ninja aesthetic includes funky headwear such as balaclavas, masks, and big hoods. Silver studs, spikes, and chains on clothing or accessories is another great way to style a look that fits this aesthetic. Tassels, straps, and extra zippers are a common appearance as well. Below, we will outline each category of clothing and explain how you can choose each type to create the best goth ninja look for you.



Types of tops that fit the goth ninja aesthetic range far and wide. One of the most important elements of the goth ninja aesthetic is layering, especially with your tops, so make sure to get shirts and jackets that you can layer for the look. For your first layer, a solid black T-shirt is a great start.

You can also opt for shirts with interesting graphics, extra length, or rips on the torso or sleeves. After you have the first layer, it’s time for the second, which is usually a hoodie or lighter jacket. However, for the goth ninja look, it can’t be just any hoodie — this aesthetic’s outerwear has a specific look and feel.

Usually, hoodies have larger, draped hoods and possibly an asymmetrical hem. If you prefer a zip up, you can opt for a high collar, extra straps and zippers, or an asymmetrical zipper. A leather jacket with plenty of studs and spikes is also a great choice.


One of the most classic pants choices for the goth ninja aesthetic are baggy black joggers. You will see these kinds of pants, in different variations, in plenty of streetwear and techwear styles, and it fits well with this specific aesthetic. Joggers are very baggy in the thighs and taper towards the ankles.

When looking for joggers that fit the goth ninja look, it’s important that they have plenty of pockets (you can look up “cargo joggers”), extra straps and zippers, and even some chains. The pockets will be prominent and be placed in the thigh, knee, and even ankles, rather than just the typical pocket location.

If you want something other than joggers, regular baggy cargo pants are another great choice. These aren’t as tapered towards the ankles, but instead just a cinch. Leather pants are another great choice.


The goth ninja aesthetic is very big on headwear, whether that’s hats, balaclavas, masks, or more. If you’re looking for a simpler hat choice, you can never go wrong with a black beanie. If you want to be a little more intense, you can opt for a balaclava or even a ski mask, which covers more of the face and head.

Usually, these are pretty simple — just a black piece of fabric — but some will have extra additions like straps or chains. Another piece of headwear that is popular in this style is face masks. These aren’t your typical masks, but very artistic pieces. Sometimes they come down on the neck, have extra adornments and graphics, or are even made of metal or plastic. There are many options for masks you can choose from for this aesthetic.

Other accessories

Other accessories that can add to your goth ninja look include chains, chokers, gloves, and even military-style vests. You can opt for simpler jewelry, such as a silver chain, or something more complex, like spiked cuffs or chokers.

For gloves, these are usually fingerless, and can also have studs or leather added on. For vests, these usually have plenty of small pockets and lots of straps. Be sure to stick to silver for your metal choices and the color black for these accessories.


There are plenty of types of shoes that adhere to the goth ninja aesthetic. You can choose sneakers with a futuristic feel if you want something comfortable and simple. If you want shoes that are more intense, you can opt for chunky boots with straps or buckles.