The Ultimate Guide to Goth Accessories

Goth fashion is a style of clothing that has been around for centuries. The term “goth” was first used in the 1800s to describe a type of dark, romantic, and mysterious artistic movement. However, goth fashion didn’t really take off until the 1970s when it became popular among punk rockers.

The goth subculture is often associated with death and morbidity. It has also been associated with heavy metal music, horror films, and witchcraft. Today there are many different styles of goth fashion that range from Victorian to punk rock to darkwave.

How To Dress Like a True Goth

The goth look is one that has been around for centuries, and some versions of it always seem to be in style. Usually, when putting together a goth outfit, you should opt for dark colors, textures like lace or leather, and dramatic statements. One way to accomplish this is through accessories. The beauty of the goth look is that, with a few of the accessories below, you can turn a simple all-black outfit into a cool goth look. Here is our list of the best goth accessories.

Goth Chokers

The choker is the most classic goth accessory. This kind of necklace has been around forever and comes in many forms. A choker is a band that fits tightly around the neck, usually laying higher than your collarbone. While chokers come in many different styles, it’s important to note the more goth style of chokers below.

Punk rock

First is the punk rock choker. These kinds of chokers usually have a lot of metal additions. They go beyond a typical band and can be a great statement piece. Sometimes, punk rock chokers feature metal spikes, chains, and charms. In the goth style, any metal is usually silver, and these silver additions are almost always attached to a black leather band for chokers. There are a variety of chokers to choose from, whether you want to go bold or be more subtle.


Lolita goth chokers are a bit classier. Usually, these chokers are lacy and intricate, coming from the Victorian style. They are much more subtle than the stark metal of the punk rock chokers, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with Lolita chokers. These come in lace, velvet, or even intertwined plastic, with many designs. While Lolita chokers give a bit more of a feminine vibe, it doesn’t mean they are off-limits to men, and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Body harness

Finally, the body harness choker might be the most complex. As the name suggests, this choker goes beyond the neck and wraps around your shoulders, torso, and maybe even your hips and waist. The body harness choker is also very versatile, meaning you can go extreme or opt for a more lowkey look. Some harnesses lean more on the bondage side, which isn’t everyone’s choice, but there are also ones with simple chains or straps that can elevate any outfit.

Goth Jewelry

Jewelry is an extremely important aspect of the goth look. Like stated before, goth jewelry usually sticks to silver or even black metal, but that still gives the wearer plenty of variety. In this section, we will cover basic jewelry like earrings and bracelets — which are completely acceptable for men to wear — but also other forms of jewelry like chains, which might be more specific to the goth look.


Goth earrings come in so many different forms. Most recently, a popular choice of goth earrings are the dangling crosses, which male creators on the platform Tik Tok brought into mainstream style. Beyond the cross decoration, earrings can also have spikes, feathers, infinity signs, or even paper clips. Almost any item can be added on the end of a chain or hoop, made silver or black, and fit the goth style. There is so much variety with goth earrings it can be hard to narrow down what you want, so it’s best to start simple and then expand your look and collection.


Bracelets are another staple of the goth look, and rest assured that goth bracelets are not simple either. Just like chokers or earrings, goth bracelets have the potential to be statement pieces. These more intense bracelets can include additions like silver spikes, balls, or buckles. On the other hand, simpler bracelets could be silver or black chain links, or maybe a leather strap with some smaller black studs. It’s really up to you, and you have plenty of options to choose from.


Chains are popular across all types of styles, so when looking for a chain that fits the goth look, it’s important to remember a few key elements. With the goth style, you can opt for chains around your neck, which are usually simple silver with maybe a few layers. However, the goth look also has the option of wearing chains on your belt loops, which adds an interesting layer to your outfit. Again, these chains are usually layered, with plenty of funky silver charms and textures.

Goth Gloves

When finding gloves that fit the goth look, there are a few very specific types of gloves that work. Here are the two most prominent goth glove styles.


First, fingerless gloves are an age-old goth accessory. As the name suggests, these gloves do not fully cover your hand, so be prepared for some cold fingers. However, they do make a good fashion statement, and are usually made of leather and include spikes, buckles, or added length to the elbow.


Lace gloves are like lace chokers — they have a bit more of a feminine air to them, but that doesn’t mean men can’t rock them too. As the title suggests, these gloves are made primarily of lace and intricate designs, and some extend up to the elbow or have cuffs. Lace gloves are a great way to add a fancy goth touch.

Goth Belts

Goth belts are another way to add a unique touch to your goth look. These belts come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose to keep it simple with black leather and a silver buckle, or go all out with belts that wrap around your thighs or have additions like spikes, studs, and chains.


Sunglasses are another subtle way to add to your goth look. Usually, goth sunglasses are all black and the shades are incredibly dark. It’s best to stick to glasses with fun shapes, like circles or flames. Wearing sunglasses with metal or wire is also a great way to add a goth touch.