6 Must Have Clothes You Need For Fall

Fall is here and it’s time to up your fashion game. Is this going to be a list of some lame fall items you need, like a a flannel? Heck no.

We’re going to give you a list of some actual items that are going to elevate all of your fall outfits. These clothing items are what’s trending in men’s fall fashion in 2022/2023, they’re relatively inexpensive and you can easily incorporate any of these items to your existing wardrobe.

Table of contents

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof jackets from high end brands such as Arc’teryx have seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the past year. The technical aspect of the jackets make a perfect fall piece to combat the weather, and the techwear-esque look of the jackets make it super fashionable.

Our pick: Arc’teryx Beta Jacket

Teddy Fleece Jackets

Teddy fleece jackets or teddy bear jackets are jackets usually in a zip up or quarter zip that are made with fleece. They’re really warm, have a nice insulation to them and come in a variety of colors that go with any outfit. They’re the perfect piece missing in your fall closet!

Our pick: Uniqlo Fleece Jacket


The balaclava has seen a huge uptick in popularity, mainly due to rapper “Pooh Sheisty” because it is his iconic trademarked look. It has now leaked from the hip-hop community into the fashion community and whilst they look cool and edgy, they also make a great warm layer for your head.

Our pick: Carhartt Face Mask

Workwear Jackets

Workwear as an aesthetic has been on the rise for a while now. Classic workwear brands like Carhartt make super high quality clothing pieces that are durable and made to last under any condition. They also give a vintage and cool look.

Our pick: Carhartt Vintage Jacket

Cargo Pants

Going along with our last pack, another workwear essential are a hearty pair of cargo pants. The key when buying a pair of cargo pants for fall is to get them in a looser fit, and for sure don’t have them taper at the bottom, you want them straight leg for the look.

Our pick: Match Men’s Cargo Pants

Puffer Vests

A new and unlikely piece that you should get for fall that will help you stand out is a puffer vest. They’ll keep you warm and make a great fashion statement. It’s basically a way to ease into the puffer jacket you’re going to be rocking for the winter.

Our pick: Zara Puffer Vests