27 Fall Outfits For Men That Look Fresh

Last updated: December 31, 2022

Finally the summer season is winding down and it’s time to put the short shorts and oversized tees back in the drawer. Fall is a great season for fashion aficionados because it mean one very important thing – layering.

Whether your fall season is in a part of the world where it’s a big colder, or if you’re lucky enough that your fall is warm, we’ve gathered a ton of different outfit inspirations for you to head into fall correctly.

For some of you, this season will mean buckling up in some sweaters, puffers, and warm flannels – we love to see it!

For others, fall is a simple added denim jacket and chinos, a cool yet always fashionable combination.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a more casual fall style or a more formal style, check out some of these outfits below to get a good idea of how to dress for fall.

Key Clothing Items For Fall

Here are a few key items you’ll want in your wardrobe for the season.

  • Hoodies: nothing cozier and more appropriate for the season than a comfy oversized, well made hoodie!
  • Windbreakers: let’s face it, the 90s are back. Get yourself a windbreaker, it’s season appropriate and trendy.
  • Overcoats: for those night outs, or to the office, nothing screams more class.
  • Wool Pants: look stylish and keep your legs warm, a great underrated pant choice.
  • Sweaters: there’s a reason the song is called sweater weather.
  • Denim Jacket: both casual and dressed up, a denim jacket is rugged and a great choice for the season.
  • Flannel: bring out your inner lumberjack. We prefer a heavy duty flannel that can be worn by itself.
  • Quarter Zip: whether you’re going for a job or to the grocery store.

Fall Outfits For Men