Edgy Outfits For Men | How To Dress Edgy

Do you want to add some edge to your wardrobe? Do you just blend into the crowd and want to stand out, if even a little bit?

Dressing in an edgy aesthetic often means adding an article or two of clothing or accessories that make you stand out and look, for a lack of a better term, like a bad boy.

This can often mean just one piece of clothing like a distressed denim jacket or a leather jacket, or a full on edgy outfit you might see an eboy wearing.

However you want to dress when it comes to adding edge to your outfits, it’s all about degrees. You can start by adding a few new accessories until you feel comfortable in adding more and more until you have a full on edgy outfit. In this article I’ll go over some edgy outfit examples for guys, and some basic rules that will help you.

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How to Dress Edgy

These are not 100% universal rules, but you can’t go wrong with these tips when trying to dress edgy.

  • Black clothing – this will be the main color of your clothing, nothing screams edge like black clothes.
  • Distressed clothing – don’t go overboard but if you have a pair of jeans or a jacket with some rips, it helps pull together the look.
  • Graphic Tees – band t-shirts or vintage tees really help with the edgy look.
  • Footwear – a pair of vans, converse or some trendy chunky sneakers and boots.
  • Tattoos – if you have tattoos, you’re basically half way there.
  • Accessories – adding some accessories is a small but crucial part of dressing edgy.
    • Rings: minimalistic silver rings is our recommendation
    • Necklaces: a cuban link chain or a simple chain goes a long way
    • Watches: get yourself a vintage casio. They’re cheap and look great.

Edgy Outfits

The following are just a few set examples of edgy outfits for men. If you notice there is a lot of greyscale colorways in the outfits, but they all flow very nicely without looking overly put together, which is key when dressing edgy.

Edgy Clothing Brands

Pretty much every clothing brand that features some black or vintage streetwear style clothing can be considered a good place to buy edgy clothes. Here are some of my favorites: