Top 5 Best Retro Casio Watches For a Vintage Style

The Casio digital watch is one of the most timeless timepieces to have ever been created, and they’re seeing a massive resurgence in popularity right now.

If you’re having trouble deciphering all of their long alphanumeric model names, this review guide of the best retro Casio watches should help you out.

Casio Digital Watches: Best Sellers

Casio F91W-1

The F91W-1 is the classic Casio watch, so if you’re looking for the most iconic one available, you’ve found it.

This model comes equipped with all of the helpful features you’d expect to find in a Casio watch, including an alarm, a chronograph, and a backlight so that you can see it in the dark.

The dark plastic construction features a utilitarian design, and this watch is instantly recognizable at a glance. This watch features quartz movement, and the results are displayed digitally. Above the time, you can cycle through stopwatch, calendar, and alarm functions.

One of the best things about this watch is its low price point. With a price that is ten times more affordable than many of its competitors, the F91W-1 is the perfect watch if you want something iconic that doesn’t break the bank.

We also loved the slim profile of this watch, as it can easily slide under a cuff without any trouble.

This watch’s legendary durability makes it an excellent choice for work or other tasks where you can expect your timepiece to get banged up.

Overall, this is an excellent watch that provides the best value for money out of any timepiece we’ve ever come across.

Casio CA53W-1

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The CA53W-1 is commonly known by its other moniker, “the calculator watch.”

This brilliant design combines the functions of a calculator with those of a digital watch, and when it was first released, this watch was the bane of many math teachers across the world.

If you work in a field where you’re constantly handling numbers, having a calculator on your wrist doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

While the proliferation of smartphones has made this watch less functional than it once was, it’s still one heck of a fashion statement.

While it may be a little cluttered, the design of the calculator watch is surpassed only by the F91W-1 when it comes to notoriety.

Somehow, the extra buttons on this watch make it look even more retro. Functions include a stopwatch, alarm, and calendar, much like other Casio designs.

One thing to note is that it’s easier to navigate the modes and menus on this watch because it features more than the traditional four buttons you’d expect to find on a digital watch.

We have yet to see another accessory that combines form and function quite as seamlessly as the

Casio A168WA-1

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If you’re not a fan of the resin cases featured on the previous two models, then the A168WA-1 should be right up your alley.

This watch features a classic Casio design coupled with a stainless steel body and wristband, giving it a more business-like look than some of the other Casio models.

Like most Casio watches, this model is resistant to a maximum of 100 feet of water, and it features a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and backlight for use in the dark.

The stainless steel construction of this watch makes it a little more pricey than the resin models, but not by a huge margin.

The stainless steel wristband that comes with this watch is also adjustable, so you won’t have any trouble with its sizing.

This is also a relatively lightweight watch, so it may feel flimsy, but it’s a lot more durable than some of its more expensive competitors.

The top of this watch is made out of a mineral crystal, which is more resistant to scratches than glass, ensuring that you’ll always be able to see the time clearly.

If you want a Casio watch that looks a little more stylish but doesn’t give up any of the other advantages, this stainless steel model is an excellent choice.

Casio LA680WA-7DF

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While this model is broadly similar to the other watches we’ve reviewed so far, its main difference is that it’s a women’s model.

The LA680WA-7DF features a slimmer, more feminine design that you would expect from a women’s watch, and you still get all of the advantages of owning a Casio.

With a slightly higher price than some of the other options on this list, this watch doesn’t provide you with quite as much value for money.

However, it is still extremely durable, and the top is fully resistant to scratches, like most other Casio watches.

The battery life of this watch typically lasts five years, and the resilient design means that this watch will likely outlast its battery.

If you’re looking for a ladies’ variant of the classic Casio watch, we’d highly recommend this attractive stainless steel variant.

Casio AE1300WH-8AVCF

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There are a few details that set this Casio watch apart from the competition, including a World Time Map and an optional analog-style display.

However, aside from these differences, this product is a classic Casio, complete with a low price and excellent build quality.

This watch comes equipped with a solar battery that is designed to last twice as long as traditional Casio watch batteries: ten years.

There are also twin stopwatches programmed into the timepiece, with one that runs up to 60 minutes, and another which runs to 100 minutes.

Like all Casio watches, this model uses reliable quartz movement, which is linked to a digital display.

This model is also resistant to water at depths of up to 330 feet. Despite the extra features, this watch features a comparable price to most other Casio watches.


These five watches barely scratch the surface of what Casio has on offer, but each one is a unique example of the kinds of products that they produce.

We hope that our reviews were helpful and that you’ve managed to find a watch with all of the features that you were looking for.