How To Style Classic Doc Martens

During the past few years the most notably popular boot style has been the Chelsea boot.

The Chelsea boot is a very sleek and stylish boot with a slim profile and elegant shape, so of course with the cyclical nature of fashion, what’s really coming into trend as of late is a more chunky boot style.

And what better chunky boot to wear than Doc Martens.

Now there is a misconception about Doc Marten boots, they get pigeon holed as being only for a very niche style (notably a more grungy punk aesthetic) but I’m here to show you these classic boots can work with practically any outfit or style; and look amazing.

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Styling Doc Marten Boots

When styling Doc Martens I find that you need to either pair them with a slimmer pair of jeans, cropped pants, or a regular pair of jeans that you roll up / pin roll.

The main thing here being you don’t want to cover up the boot and just let a the big chunky toe shoe. You want to show off the entire boot.

If you plan on getting yourself a pair of these boots, be prepared for a break in period in which your feet might just hate you.

I highly recommend getting some THICK cotton long socks, not only will they protect your feet, but they also look really good paired with the boots.

You can also just double pair regular socks to have some more protection on your feet during the break in period for the leather.

Sizing: In general I recommend sizing DOWN .5 with Doc Martens. They’re notorious for fitting a bit bigger than expected.

If you’re confident in your color matching game, you can pull off some amazing outfits with the cherry colored Docs, but in general I like to recommend people stick to an all black boot because it’s a lot easier to style and get used to.

As you can see, Docs when styled properly can fit into pretty much every wardrobe, but you should know they’re kind of always vying for the spotlight, any outfit you wear, the boots will probably be the center of attention just because it’s what the style calls for.

In general, I recommend wearing these boots in pretty much every season except for Summer. Seriously don’t walk around in heavy leather boots when it’s scorching hot outside, it kind of sucks.

Doc Martens in my opinion work best when pair with a somewhat heavy top (like a jacket or sweater), a slimmer more fitting pair of pants and finally the boots.

This formula seems to work for most people.

In the end though, by far the most important part of styling Doc Martens is the pants. You want something that shows off the boot and not hides it. You don’t want too tight or too baggy. It takes some patients to find the right pair and style, but it will look amazing when you do!