Cropped Pants: A Guide For Men

Cropped pants are cut slightly above the ankle. This is a clean look that adds a little edge than just regular pants.

It looks good as a summery style that can show off some ankle, or you can pair it with an interesting sock.

This look has been popular for quite some time in the “fashion crowd” but it’s just recently gaining steam among the larger population.

Cropped pants paired with patterned or blank socks and a layered sweater gives a soft yet masculine look that has become a young, fashionable style.

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Styles of Cropped Pants

A chino or wool pant is a good style that can be cropped. There are plenty of ways to find cropped pants.

Some brands make them shorter on purpose to go with the style trend, although you can also have regular pants tailored.

A lot of cropped pants are also thrifted and can be cut and tailored in a DIY style

Denim pants can follow this trend, although it usually looks a lot better rolled instead of cut to be cropped.

If you are choosing to do this, make sure you have a straight leg, so it maintains the long diagonal lines that are found in the chino and other classic pants. 

Brands For Cropped (Ankle Pants)

A lot of fashionable brands are coming out with pants and jeans that have a shorter inseam so you don’t have to take it to the tailor.

Uniqlo, Weekday, and American Eagle offer pants with an inseam down to 28”.

Gap offers down to 30” for those who are taller, and ASOS offers pants with inseam down to 25”. 

Socks To Wear With Cropped Pants

As mentioned earlier a sock can really elevate the cropped pants look, Especially during the winter.

Black and grays are always a good option that will go with mostly anything. Especially if you prefer a more monochromatic look.

If you want to add a little color dark olive, blues, and burgundy are good wintery options.

White socks are okay, but sometimes can look a little too niche.

If you are looking for a slightly more interesting look you can opt for a fair isle pattern, or other kinds of textures and designs.

You can really get creative with your sock choices.

And finally of course, going with no show socks is a super clean summer look.