The Best Clothes To Gift Guys This Holiday

Buying gifts for men isn’t difficult – it really isn’t.

I used to think it was, having a dad and multiple brothers made buying holiday gifts tricky, do I get them the same cologne and slippers that I did last year? The ones they haven’t touched once?

That’s the biggest mistake people make when buying gifts for guys – trying to get them something new and exciting that they don’t currently have.

What men REALLY want is something they already often use in their day to day life.

What will make it special is buying them something that is of higher quality than what they already own and use.

Case in point, I used to buy fancy pens and watches and briefcases for my dad, and he barely ever used them.

They just ended up collecting dust in his closet.

I then noticed something, my dad has worn the same winter jacket for over 10 years, so I bought him a brand new high quality jacket.

And guess what? He wears it ALL THE TIME because it’s actually something he need.

It’s something that actually benefits him and won’t collect dust in his closet.

What men really want is a higher quality version of the stuff they already have and use.

Buying clothes is one of the easiest ways to get a guy a high quality gift that he will use every day.

One of my favorite articles of clothing to gift is of course jackets!

It’s literally something they can unwrap and wear that very same winter day, and jackets are something that can last years and years so they make amazing gifts.

Brands like Bonobos offer amazing selection of high quality men’s clothing that will blow anything your man currently owns out of the water.

With the quality and size selection Bonobos has, you can get something that fits perfectly, and with their amazing free shipping & returns on every order, you can always return and get something else to their liking!

Best Clothing Items To Gift For Guys

When it comes to gifting clothing, I like to focus on premium quality jackets, pants and sweaters.


Italian Top Coat

Waxed Cotton Jacket

Quilted Jacket


The Blue Jean

Yarn Dye Stretch Chinos

Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Reverse Fairisle Raglan Crew

Men’s Fleece Popover Hoodie