Best Places to Buy Aesthetic Gym Clothes for Men

Gym clothes seem easy enough. You just throw on an old T-shirt and a pair of shorts and you’re good to go, right? If you really want to make the best out of your workout, getting the right outfit is important. Not only will it improve confidence, but you will also feel more comfortable. Your clothes will be able to handle your movements, so you won’t ever have to worry if they will break down on you in the middle of training.

If you want to know about the best brands to get gym clothes from for men, as well as what to look for when picking out clothes, continue reading below.

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6 Best Places to Get Gym Clothes for Men


This might come as a no-brainer but I’ve constantly been surprised at both the selection and quality of the gym wear I’ve bought from Amazon.

There are thousands of different brands to choose from, a lot of minimalistic gym clothing options too which is what I personally like. You can grab yourself pretty much any type of gym clothing, be it shorts, long sleeves, a hoodie, sweatpants, etc for a very reasonable price.

For that reason, taking into account both affordability, selection, and quality – Amazon is my #1 choice.


Everyone knows about Nike, and for good reason. Globally, it is one of the biggest sportswear companies. They are constantly creating new materials and technologies to make exercising more comfortable, but they also keep aesthetics in mind.

They also make everything you could think of. They have clothes like T-shirts, socks, compression clothes, hoodies, and so much more. No matter what outfit you need or want, they have options for you.

Nike also owns a lot of companies, so you can find something that fits you, even if it doesn’t directly have the Nike name brand on it.


Lululemon is more of a performance-wear brand. However, they do more than just sports. They focus on designing outfits for specific athletics so that each outfit works perfectly for the sport and exercise it was designed for. They have clothes for yoga, running, using gym equipment, bike riding, or just lounging.

The clothes are very comfortable, and they stay stretchy and light so you can have the freedom to move as you need. Also, if you like exercising outside in the summer sometimes, they have clothes that won’t get too hot.

Public Rec

Public Rec has some of the best activewear on the market. They make their clothes from a mix of spandex, Pima cotton, and Tencel. All of this material allows the clothes to stay soft and the same size, while still stretching and keeping moisture off of you.

They started in 2016 and quickly climbed to become one of the top companies out there. They even do loungewear which is extremely comfortable and perfect to wear after an intense workout at the gym.


Rhone uses some top-of-the-line materials in all of their gym clothes. They are designed to feel good, last a long time, and be aesthetically pleasing. They also have a technology known as GoldFusion which helps to reduce odors. So if you feel embarrassed about your smell at the gym, this product may be a good idea for you. Most of their shirts also have UV sun protection.

They have all sorts of clothing to suit your every need, from lined shorts to tees and tanks. They even have thin jackets to wear over the top of your clothes on colder days or if you want to sweat a little more.


Janji not only has amazing gym clothes, but they also provide a service to their community. Janji is based in Boston. With every purchase, they provide 5% of the sale to make sure people all around the country get clean water.

All of their clothes have designs and styles based on countries with water issues to help raise awareness. But their clothes aren’t just for a good cause, they are also high-quality with durable and comfortable clothes. They specialize in clothes for runners, but they have options that can be used for any avid gym goer.

Gym Outfit Examples

Here are a collection of gym outfits you can build with the brands above. Use these as inspirations on how you want to dress at the gym for both performance and aesthetics.

What to Consider When Buying Gym Clothes

The Right Materials

The materials that your gym clothes are made from are very important. They need to be durable and stay mostly in place, but stretch as you need them to. You also want them to be breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

Fits the Exercise You Do

Every exercise is a little different. Are you going to use the gym equipment, or maybe go for a run? If you are outside a lot, you want to look at clothes that can block the sun a little. If you are running or doing high-intensity exercise, something that wicks away sweat is ideal.

For something like yoga, you want tighter clothes that you won’t get tangled in. However, looser clothes that allow you to move and use your muscles might be better for lifting weights.


While appearance may not seem like a big deal, it can play a part in your confidence and willingness to go to the gym. If you don’t feel good in your outfit, or you feel embarrassed to wear it, you will lose your motivation.

Good Size

When you are going to the gym, you want to make sure that you get clothes that fit you well. You don’t want something too tight, or you will be uncomfortable. If you already struggle to get the motivation to go to the gym, then having clothes you aren’t happy with and don’t fit right on you may make it harder to have the drive you need.

You also don’t want clothes that are too big. Depending on what exercise you are doing, you may end up with the clothes slipping off, catching on equipment, or even getting tangled up in the fabric.