Canada Goose Alternatives: Affordable Down Jackets

Whether you disagree with their business practices or you just want to look different, there are plenty of alternatives to Canada Goose jackets if you’re looking to brave the cold. Today, we’re going to take a look at four brands that can match or even exceed the quality of Canada Goose’s winter wear.

Is Canada Goose Worth It?

Canada Goose is the most well-known maker of high-end winter wear in the world, and that leaves many people wondering whether or not these notoriously pricey jackets are worth the money. We’ll go over the factors that may influence your purchase and possibly help you decide whether or not one of these jackets is right for you or if you should opt for an alternative.

Build Quality

The first thing that you’ll notice about a Canada Goose jacket is the impeccable build quality, and it’s one of the significant factors which adds to the price. Canada Goose has extremely stringent quality control regulations, and though they’ve grown a little more lax in recent years, they’re still miles ahead of most of the competition.

If you want a jacket that is built to last and sure not to fail you for years to come, then a Canada Goose will be a worthwhile investment. Over a decade, a Canada Goose jacket may begin to fade, and the fur may become a little ruffled, but its performance will remain excellent.


The main reason why most people buy a winter jacket is to stay warm, and a Canada Goose jacket can provide you with exceptional warmth thanks to its goose down filling. Despite being extremely warm, goose down is often overkill for the conditions that most city-dwellers will encounter.

Unless you often deal with temperatures as low as -40 degrees, then you’ll get comparable performance out of a polyfill jacket. This is one area in which Canada Goose is arguably not worth the money, as many buyers will never encounter the conditions in which these jackets shine.

Customer Service

The quality of Canada Goose’s customer service is another reason why you may want to spend the extra money on one of their coats. Like with many luxury brands, Canada Goose devotes a lot of resources to its customer service division, and it’s apparent whenever you need help.

Each Canada Goose jacket comes included with a lifetime warranty, as long as it was purchased at an authorized retailer. When you return a coat, Canada Goose will repair any of the damage, and they will even dry clean it for you.


One of the main reasons why Canada Goose jackets are so popular is because they look so good. The combination of the immediately recognizable patch and the stylish cuts of each of their products creates a piece of winter wear that makes a statement and justifies its high price point.

Whether or not a Canada Goose is worth the money because of how good it looks is up to you and the importance that you place on fashion. While a Canada Goose jacket certainly has a timeless look, high prices tend to drive away many potential customers.

So…is it worth it?

Unfortunately, we can’t decide whether or not a Canada Goose coat is worth the money, as it depends on the conditions that you deal with and the importance that you place on fashion and branding. In short, it’s up to you. We hope that this guide has managed to clear things up for you regardless.

Canada Goose Alternatives

Canada Goose is a luxury brand that makes some of the best down jackets on the market. However, they are not cheap.

That is why it is important to know what to look for in an affordable Canada Goose alternative.

When looking for an affordable down jacket, you should always make sure that it has a high fill power. This ensures that your jacket will keep you warm and comfortable during the coldest winter months.

Another important factor to consider when looking for an alternative is whether or not it has a durable water repellent (DWR) coating on the outside of the fabric. This will help keep you dry during rainfall and snowstorms, which can be very uncomfortable if you’re wearing wet clothes all day long!

The North Face

The North Face is known for making stylish jackets, coats, and parkas that can put up with some of the most demanding conditions. The main advantage that The North Face offers when compared to Canada Goose is that their jackets feature comparable performance but a much more affordable price.

The most you’ll pay for a high-end winter jacket from The North Face is around $300, while Canada Goose’s offerings can exceed that price point by a considerable margin. Many coats from The North Face use faux fur, which is a more humane option, and it greatly reduces the cost.

Moose Knuckles

If you would like a comparable level of luxury to Canada Goose and don’t mind the high price point, then we’d recommend Moose Knuckles winter wear. Moose Knuckles coats tend to be stylish and luxurious, so if aesthetics are a big selling point for you, then they’ll be a great choice.

While many Moose Knuckles products fall around the $1000 mark, they offer some designer products that are even pricier, so they’re certainly not a budget brand. Many of their supporters will fervently argue that Moose Knuckles is the best winter wear maker in Canada, and that may (arguably) be the case.


For our more active readers, we would highly recommend Columbia jackets for the winter, as they feature an affordable price and some helpful features. Many Columbia jackets feature an inner mesh that will keep them comfortable and regulate your body temperature without giving up crucial heat.

Keep in mind that Columbia jackets aren’t the most stylish ones available, and they often feature a more practical design. Some of Columbia’s coats even feature removable linings so that you can keep wearing them during the spring and fall. If you prefer function over form, you shouldn’t have any complaints about Columbia’s winter wear.


We hope that this guide has provided you with many alternatives to Canada Goose jackets. There are plenty of other manufacturers that produce quality winter garments, but these three are some of the best.