8 Ways to Style Basic White Tees

Nothing in a man’s closet is more classic than a white t-shirt. For decades men have been rocking this iconic piece from casual outfits to tailored looks. Whether on its own or layered under another piece, it’s just something about that white tee that’s casual but still masculine and rugged. Showing how powerful a layering piece can be, the white tee is like a blank canvas to build your outfits.

No matter the occasion or the season, a white tee can be styled with everything, from raw denim pants to suit pants. It’s important to focus on really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear and a white tee is definetely one of them! If you’re looking for ways to create unexpected looks with a solid white tee, this list is everything you’ll need. Get inspired and start to try new ways to upgrade your daily looks.

#1 Denim + Bomber

Grab your favorite pair of black denim jeans and wear a white t-shirt of good quality untucked under a bomber jacket. Finish with minimal sneakers or boots if you want a more elevated look.

#2 Chinos + Blazer

If you want to bring down the dressiness of the suit, you definitely can’t go wrong layering it over your classic white tee. Tuck it in a pair of smart trousers for a chic but casual look. If you’re going to rock the sneaker and suit look, there’s no pair of sneakers better for that look than a low-profile pair of minimal white sneakers.

#3 Cuffed Jeans + Dad Sneakers

Wear an oversized white t-shirt with a pair of straight-fit dark blue jeans and cuff the hem to show off some chunky sneakers for an old-school dad vibe.

#4 Overcoat + Loafers

Pop on a camel overcoat on top of a white tee. A camel overcoat will look good with literally anything, from super casual denim and sneakers to a more elegant trouser and boots combo.

#5 Suit + Minimal Sneakers

Wear it with a suit and minimal white sneakers for a day at the office. You can play around with the fit, either streamlined and tailored or oversized and accessorized with some jewelry for a more fashion-forward look. 

#6 Ripped Jeans + Shacket

Choose an oversized white tee to style your black ripped skinny jeans. The contrast of the fit between the top and the bottom half makes it look seem very intentional. If you want to emphasize that contrast even further, opt for boots to elongate the legs rather than low-top sneakers. As for the outer layer, a plaid shacket would accentuate the edgy vibe of the whole look. 

#7 Sweatpants + Sneakers

Grab a pair of relaxed joggers or relax fit jeans and wear your oversized tee untucked. The key to pull this off is to manage to make it look relaxed and slouchy but somehow still chic. Things you could do to achieve this are to have an interesting pattern on your pants. Adding a nice necklace, minimal bracelet, or some rings can really turn the outfit from slouchy unkept to slouchy chic. A knitted vest on top can really transorm the otherwise simple look.

#8 Straight-leg Trousers + Chunky Shoes

Emphasize both your upper body and lower half as well. Try to pair your oversized tee with some straight-like trousers with anywhere from a regular to a wide fit. The key is to not have a big taper on your pants which would change the silhouette. Tuck your t-shirt in to cinch in your waist and create that dichotomy between the top and bottom half. Add some chunkier shoes for some extra weight to the bottom half of the outfit to emphasize that hourglass silhouette.