The Most Stylish Ways To Style Nike Dunks

Over the last years, Nike Dunks have been more popular than ever, given the massive demand with many limited releases. Τhese kicks are selling fast. Most Nike dunks are known for being extremely colorful, coming in a lot of colorways and textures. For that reason, it can be a little bit tricky to style them.

Originally, the Dunk was supposed to be a skateboarding shoe when it was first released in 1985. It’s a shoe that transcends style, aesthetic and a cool, effortless vibe. If you’re looking at how to incorporate this type of shoe into your daily fits, you will find everything you need here.

From casual outfits to tailored looks, the Dunk shoe can complement great any look. Keep reading to find out tips and tricks on how to style it!


What’s better than pairing your favorite all-time classic jeans with Nike Dunks? The clean silhouette of the Nike Dunk matches the rough texture of the denim perfectly. When it comes to Dunk lows, keep in mind that the leg must be straight and the volumes soft.

These sneakers look really good with more like loose-fitting pants, straight-leg or baggy fit. However, with Dunk high-top sneakers, a tapered or skinny silhouette of jeans works really well. Opt for a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized hoodie, a bomber jacket and Dunk highs to create a modern street look. If you’re more into the lows, then a pair of straight-leg jeans styled with a knit sweater and a leather jacket is the ultimate go-to look. If you choose a shoe with many colors, then tone down the rest of your outfit with neutral, earthy tones.

Cargo pants

The cargo pant is another alternative if you don’t want to wear jeans with your Dunks. Known for their comfy silhouette and large pockets, military cargo pants go hand in hand with Nike Dunks. Style a pair of khaki or black cargo pants with a graphic tee and a flannel overshirt on top. Complete with black and white Dunk Lows also known as the panda colorway, chains on the neck, and a baseball cap to give a cool vibe. You don’t necessarily have to wear clothes that match the colors of the shoes as long as they kind of complement the rest of the outfit. Stick to earthy tones to create a monochromatic outfit, such as brown, cream, beige, khaki and grey.


For casual, comfy looks that scream style and coziness, look no further than here. Especially for wintertime, sweatpants can do the trick and keep you warm and stylish. Perfect in all shades – especially in off-white, black, beige and grey tones – they are the ultimate go-to on those days when laziness prevails.

Match with the Nike Dunk to make the whole look more effortless cool. If your Dunks are low, you can add a pop of color with mismatched socks. Oversized hoodies, knit jumpers, cozy sweaters- are all in. Go for a cozy yet super trendy look with black sweatpants, a beige hoodie and a bucket hat. The Nike SB Dunk Low x Travis Scott can make the overall outfit pop.