The Most Stylish Ways To Wear White Sneakers

So you’ve bought your brand spanking new pair of white sneakers but you’re unsure of how to exactly style them with the available clothes in your wardrobe.

Do not fret, white sneakers are super versatile and are quite simple to build an outfit around, but just because they’re simple to style doesn’t mean there isn’t a best way to style them.

Whether you’re looking for ways to style your sneakers with jeans, shorts or chinos – we’ve put together the perfect outfits that feature all different kinds of clothing items and colors.

White Sneaker Summer Outfits

White sneakers are a quintessential summer staple. Here are a couple of ways you can wear white sneakers in the summer time.

Chino Shorts

White Sneakers / Chino Shorts / White Tee / Retro Watch / Aviators

The chino shorts and white sneakers look is a classic and trendy option. This outfit is perfect for a day out with friends or an evening dinner date. It is also great for those who want to look stylish but not too formal.

Polo Shirt

White Sneakers / Black Polo / Dark Chinos / Black Strap Watch / Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne

Go for a more formal and sexier look with this darker variation of our summer outfit. The polo shirt works great in making the outfit much classier. A short sleeve button up also works great here.

White Sneaker Winter Outfit


White Sneakers / Charcoal Grey Overcoat / Black Chinos / Grey Sweatshirt / White Dress Shirt

The white sneakers and overcoat trend is a mix of the classic and the contemporary. It features trendy white sneakers with a chic overcoat.


Converse / Fishtail Parka / Raw Denim / Sweater / Carhartt Beanie

For those extra cold days, pair your white sneakers with a warm parka. The raw denim jeans give an extra oomph to the outfit and finish it off with a beanie to stay warm and stylish.

Casual White Sneaker Outfits

Denim Jacket

White Sneakers / Denim Jacket / Black Jeans / Black T-Shirt / Blue De Chanel Cologne / Brown Strap Watch

One of my favorite combinations of all time is pairing a denim jacket with white sneakers. They work beautifully together when the rest of your outfit is a neutral color – black works best in my opinion.

Casual 90’s

Nike Blazer Mid / Oversized Hoodie / Retro Shorts / Long Socks / Retro Watch

This is a perfect casual 90’s look featuring iconics retro items like the Nike Blazer, and Casio watch. Pair it with an oversized hoodie and long socks and you will look super fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What socks are best to wear with white sneakers?

The best socks to wear with white sneakers are no-show socks! It gives a more classic look. But if you have to wear socks I would match the color of your socks with the color of your pants. If you’re wearing shorts then white socks can work fine too.

What color belt to wear with white sneakers?

This depends on your outfit, but as a general rule brown belts are super versatile and it’s hard to miss with them.

What pants to wear with white sneakers?

The beautiful thing about white sneakers is that they go with most pants. The best type of pants though I’d say are darker denim jeans (indigo, black) and darker chinos (navy / black). The contrast between the colors just makes the white sneaker pop and look amazing.